How To Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers FAST in 2019

Getting your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube is like preparing a rocket to go to the moon. You need a lot of preparation and a lot of fuel.

In the video below, I show how to get 1000 YouTube subscribers FAST in 2019, 2020 and beyond so you can grow an audience that loves your content.

Stay tuned till the end of the video to find out the one thing that you should absolutely avoid when you’re trying to get 1000 subscribers.

Why is it so important to get 1000 subscribers on your channel?

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program. I
f you meet the requirements of the YouTube Partner Program of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watchers in the past 12 months, you can monetize your channel. When your channel has been enabled for monetization, you can begin showing ad banners on YouTube videos and generating income. This is great because you’re getting paid for your creative efforts.

2. Foundation for growth of your channel.
Getting your first 1000 subscribers is usually the hardest part of growing a YouTube channel. It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see a lot of people subscribing to your first few videos.

Here are the steps to get 1000 YouTube subscribers fast in 2019, 2020

1. Know your target audience.
If you want to grow your channel fast, make videos that your audience wants to watch and that you enjoy making. If you create videos that you just enjoy but don’t take into account the wants, needs, and desires of the audience, your channel is not going to grow fast.

In my case, I’m my own target audience so it’s easy to figure out what my target audience likes. My audience typically has the same questions as I have.

Some of the best ways to tap into your target audience is to visit groups, forums, live streams, and even visit the comments on other people’s videos. You’ll soon notice the same types of questions that people are asking in your niche.

2. Keyword research.
Research keywords is another great way to tap into your target audience because you’re discovering keyword phrases that people are actively searching on in YouTube and Google.

When you target the right keywords, your videos can show up in YouTube search, Google search, and YouTube’s suggested videos.

Click here if you want to learn how to do correct keyword research for YouTube videos using free and paid research tools.

3. Create an engaging video.
If you’re just starting off on YouTube, I highly recommend keeping your videos short to just a few minutes because you haven’t built up an audience yet on your channel.

One of the top ranking factors on YouTube is watch time. This means if you can keep people watching all the way through your video or watching successive videos, YouTube will promote your video on other people’s channels.

Therefore, the first 10 or 15 seconds of your video has to grab people’s attention. You can do this by asking a question, doing something entertaining, or teasing people about what’s going to come at the end of your video. Make sure your main content dives deeper into what you presented in your introduction.

End your video with a strong call-to-action by asking people to subscribe and give them a reason to subscribe. You can also ask people to subscribe at the beginning of a video, but make sure you give them a strong reason to subscribe to your channel.

To keep people’s attention throughout the video, you can ask questions, add b-roll, transitions, and graphics.

The most important aspect of creating an engaging video is to present content that people want to watch. If you present solutions to their burning problems, you’ll gain a subscriber.

4. Optimize YouTube channel.
Make it easy for first-time visitors to subscribe to your channel. You can do this by adding a subscribe watermark across all the videos on your channel.

Another way to gain subscribers fast is to optimize your about page.

Make sure you outline the benefits of subscribing to your channel in the description on your about page. End your summary by asking visitors to subscribe and include a subscribe link.

Another way is to add a subscribe link to your channel banner. You can add this when you’re optimizing your about page. You can add up to five links on your channel banner.

Another way to gain subscribers fast on your channel homepage is to create a channel trailer. Create a one to three-minute video that outlines the benefits of subscribing to your channel. When your channel trailer video ends, YouTube automatically shows a subscribe button.

5. Optimize YouTube videos.
As I mentioned before, add a subscriber watermark across all the videos on YouTube channel. After you’ve uploaded a video, make sure you’ve optimized your title, description, and tags with the keyword phrase that you targeted in step two.

It begins with an attractive thumbnail because this the first thing that visitor see in the search engines.

The second most important feature is your title. Make sure you optimize your title both for the search engines and for your viewers. To do this, include your main keyword phrase that you researched at the beginning and include an emotional trigger that motivates viewers to click on your video.

Include a subscribe link in the description of all the videos on your channel. Visitors often read the description while watching the video. You can also put a subscribe link at the top of the comments, so when people go to make a comment, they’ll see your subscribe link.

Power Tip
Reply to the comment left by your viewers. Often visitors have questions in the comments, so you can reply by redirecting them to another video that answers their question. In that video, you’ll ask them to subscribe.

Most visitors don’t subscribe just by watching one video, but if they watch success of videos in a row, they’ll be more inclined to subscribe to your channel. Therefore, make it easy for them by including a link in your description and also in the cards of your videos.

6. Promotion.
After you’ve uploaded and published a video, your work has just begun. If you want to get more people to subscribe to your channel, you have to expose your video to different audiences. You can do this by submitting your video to different social media sites. Just click the share icon under the video and submit it to the social media sites you see listed there.

If you have a website or a blog, embed it on your blog.

You can also upload a transcript of your video content, so people who can’t hear well or have a sound turned off can read the closed captions on your video.

7. Check your traffic sources.
If you study your traffic sources in YouTube Analytics, you can identify those videos which are getting the most views and subscribers. Instead of creating more videos on content that doesn’t resonate with your audience, create more videos on the videos that are performing well. If you discover videos that are ranking well and get lots of views and subscribers, create more of those types of videos.

Bonus Tip. -Be Consistent.
When you’re trying to get your first 1000 subscribers, you want to upload videos on a regular schedule. If you only upload once a week, you’ll only have 52 videos by the end of the year. However, if you upload twice a week, you’ll have twice the number of videos on your channel.

This will dramatically increase the number of people that want to subscribe to your channel.

What’s the one thing you should absolutely avoid when you’re trying to get 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel?

The one thing you should avoid is asking sub for sub. When someone asks you to subscribe to their channel because they subscribed to yours, they’re not really interested in your content. It also goes against YouTube’s rules and can result in the termination of your channel.

Let me ask you an important question. Do you want to rank your video on the first page of YouTube so that you can generate views and subscribers 24/7, year after year? If that’s a yes, watch my next video. You’ll discover how to get YouTube to promote your videos for free.

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