How To Get 30,000 Subscribers On YouTube – My Top 10 Tips

Thank you for helping me to get to 30,000 subscribers. Without you all subscribing to my channel, I wouldn’t have achieved this goal. I’d like to share with you my top 10 tips on how to get 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. If I can do it, you can do it too.

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1. Choose a niche you’re passionate about.

If you’re not interested or love the niche that you’ve chosen, you’ll soon lose interest when the going gets tough. Especially when you start a new channel, you’ll only get a few views and subscribers per video. This can be very discouraging and you may have an inclination to give up. If the goal of your channel is just to share information and not make money, you’ll have an easier time with your channel. I started my channel in 2006, but I only really focused on YouTube in the last few years.

2. Find low competition keywords.

If you target very competitive keyword phrases, it’ll be very difficult to rank for them and so you’ll be just wasting your time. Instead, target keyword phrases that are less competitive, so it’d be easier to rank for them. As your channel grows and builds more authority, it’ll be easier to rank for more competitive keywords.

3. Plan out your content ahead of time.

If you plan out your content one or two weeks in advance, you’ll be less stressed to produce videos on a regular basis. One of the best habits I’ve got into is to just jot down ideas as they come into mind. You can do this with Google Docs or just use the Notes app on your phone. This will prevent you from running out of ideas.

Make sure you also produce content that your audience loves. Visit groups, forums, and live streams where your target audience hangs out, so you can find out the kind of questions that they’re asking. I discovered that if I plan out a series of videos on the same topic, then it’s easier to come up with new content. This also helps viewers to binge-watch your content, so you get more watch time which Google loves.

4. Make your videos engaging.

YouTube rewards videos by promoting them on YouTube search and YouTube suggested videos. If 50% of your viewers watch your video all the way through to the end, then YouTube will promote your video on other people’s channels. Make sure you always grab your viewers’ attention within the first five or 10 seconds of your video. You can do this by asking a question or stating up front what the video content is about.

Also try to change the scenery of your videos every 10 to 20 seconds. You can do this by adding graphics, transitions, B-roll, linking the cards and even asking a question.

5. Link to playlists.

YouTube rewards channels that keeps people watching successive videos in a row. Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, think about creating a series of videos on a similar topics, so you can add those videos to a playlist. Instead of linking to a single video, link to a playlist, so people will binge-watch your videos. This will help increase the accumulated watch time on your channel which will result in more channel authority. When you have more channel authority, it’ll be easier to rank your videos.

6. Ride a trend.

One of the videos on my channel that got a lot of traffic in a short amount of time was a video that rode a trend. When YouTube came out with the new requirements for the YouTube Partner Program and to enable monetization on your YouTube channel, I quickly created a video that talked about the alternative ways to monetize your content. This video did very well because I capitalized on a hot trend.

7. Avoid comparing yourself with others.

When you compare your channel’s growth to the growth of your competitors’ channel which may be much faster, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose confidence. Instead, focus on improving your own videos and your own channel. There are many unseen factors which may contribute to the faster growth of your competitors’ channel.

For example, they may have a huge social media following. They may be more passionate, charismatic, and have better presentation skills.

Just keep in mind, there’s only one of you in the whole world and people are attracted to your unique style, presentation, and personality. Nobody can copy you exactly, so instead of comparing yourself with others, try to improve your own videos and your own channel. For example, you can improve your thumbnails. You can upgrade your video background. You can improve your audio. You can improve your presentation skills.

8. Build your community.

YouTube is a social community, so people expect to interact with you. Make sure you interact with your viewers and subscribers by replying to their comments. If they get to know, like, and trust you, they’ll be inclined to watch more of your content whenever you publish a new video. Also invite them to connect with you on other social media platforms.

For example, I run a Facebook group where people can interact with each other and ask questions about YouTube. Click here  if you wish to join my Facebook Group

9. Be consistent.

If you don’t upload videos on a regular basis, your audience won’t know when to expect new content. When I first began my channel, I didn’t publish new videos on a regular schedule. As a result, my channel growth suffered. Over the last few years, I’ve been publishing new videos every Monday, Thursday and now, I do live streams every Friday.

If you increase the upload frequency of videos to your channel, it will trigger the YouTube algorithm and YouTube will promote your videos on YouTube search and YouTube suggested videos.

10. Study your analytics.

One of the best ways to constantly improve your videos and grow your channel is to study your YouTube analytics.

  • Study your click-through rate to see what percentage of people are clicking on your thumbnails to watch your video.
  • Study your average view duration, watch time, and the audience retention to see how long people are watching your videos. If people are dropping off at the beginning, change your introduction. If people are leaving at the beginning or halfway through your video, then link to a related video in the card.
  • Keep an eye on your traffic sources, so you know exactly which videos are getting the most traffic. When you know which videos get the most traffic, you can just create more of the same videos to capitalize on that traffic.

Now you know 10 ways to get 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. Keep in mind that YouTube channel growth is a marathon, not a sprint because most channels grow steadily over time.

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