How To Get 40,000 Subscribers On YouTube (10 Powerful Lessons Inside)

Thank you for helping grow my channel to 40,000 subscribers. Without your support, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that goal.

Click here to watch one of the first videos I published my YouTube channel in 2006. At that time I didn’t know what I was doing and I was just publishing irregularly. Hopefully, you see some improvement in today’s video below from 2019.

On this beautiful snowy day, I want to share with you 10 powerful lessons that you can take away from my journey to achieve 40,000 subscribers

1. Have the correct mindset.
Instead of thinking about short-term success, think about the long-term like one or two years. Instead of just focusing on views and subscribers, focus on creating good content for your target audience.

Instead of comparing your channel with bigger channels, just focus on doing the best you can. If you don’t have an expensive camera, just use your smartphone like I did for several years. Just make sure you have good lighting and good sound. Like today I’m just shooting outside in natural light.

2. Study your target audience.
If you can tap into the mind into your target audience and create videos that they want to watch, then your videos will get a lot of engagement. A few ways to tap into your target audience is to find the search terms that people are searching on Google and YouTube.

Other ways is to look at the comments of your own videos as well as your competitors’ videos. You also check out Facebook groups, forums and live streams in your niche. You often find questions in there that you can answer in your videos.

3. Be passionate about your niche.
If you’re passionate about your niche it’ll be easy to keep going when the going gets rough. Sometimes you won’t feel motivated to come up with new ideas or to create new videos, but because you have a passion you’ll keep going. It’ll also show in the delivery of your video content.

4. Set goals.
Instead of thinking about short-term goals, think about long-term goals like one or two years. Perhaps your goal is to impact others by making a difference in the world with your video content. Perhaps you want to generate enough revenue so you can go full-time on YouTube. Perhaps you want to generate leads for your business.

5. Branding.
Make it easy for viewers to recognize your channel by making your channel art congruent. For example, include your face in your thumbnails and channel banner.

6. Target the correct keywords.
Targeting the correct keywords is a foundation for the success of your channel. If you’re just starting out, target less competitive keywords because they’re easier to rank for.

One of the best YouTube tools that will save you a lot of time and frustration is TubeBuddy. It’s a free Chrome extension that allows you to quickly and easily find the correct keywords.

If you want to know how to target less competitive keywords for your channel, click here.

7. Keep a consistent upload schedule.
Your channel is like a TV show. People want to know when to return to find the content that you’re producing. For example, if you upload once a week, try to upload every Tuesday. If you increase the upload frequency of your videos, you’ll get more traffic.

8. Make small tweaks.
A couple of top ranking factors for YouTube videos is click-through rate and watch time. The click-through rate is how many people click on your thumbnails. The watch time is how long people are watching your videos.

Instead of just watching one video they might watch successive videos in a row like in a playlist. That means you have to create attractive thumbnails, a great title and engaging video. The key is to get a high audience retention on a single video and then keep them watching on successive videos.

9. Batch your videos.
I typically batch my scripts, batch film and batch edit my videos. This frees up time to work on my business, go on vacation or have videos in the can if I get sick. It also helps release stress trying to keep up with my publishing schedule.

10. Study your analytics.
Look at the top performing videos in YouTube analytics, because these are the ones that are getting the most traffic. Create more of these type of videos by looking for associated keyword phrases. This will help you to capitalize on the videos that are already doing well, so keep an eye on your click-through rate, audience retention and watch time.

If you can improve these three factors, then this will help to improve your videos on the channel.

Here’s a bonus tip.
Have fun. If you’re not enjoying the creative process of creating videos for your audience then you’ll soon burn out. Ideally, you want to keep yourself happy as well as your audience, so create videos for both.

Coming up with new content every day can be very draining. Make sure you take lots of breaks and eat healthy. Also, every few months you might want to take a mini vacation. This will help you to prevent burnout. One of the ways I prevent burnout is to go jogging or skiing. It helps release stress and boosts creative energy.

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