How To Get 60,000 Subscribers On YouTube – My Top 12 Tips

I’m going to share with you 12 tips you probably never thought of to get 60,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Wouldn’t you like to see this notice on your channel at the beginning of each month?

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If you implement these 12 tips, you’ll see consistent growth on your YouTube channel resulting in more views and subscribers.

It’ll show you the best settings for your channel to be seen by YouTube.


  1. Think about the purpose of your video before you start creating it. Instead of just creating random content, think about the next video that your viewer may be interested in. Perhaps the purpose of our video is just to watch the next video in a series or build an email list. Maybe the purpose is to attract new subscribers. If you create a purpose-driven video, you’ll attract more traffic.
  2. Target the right audience.
    If you create videos that you just have an interest in, then you’ll lose your audience. Instead, try to tap into the mind of your audience and create videos that they wish to watch. One way to do this is to provide solutions to some of the burning questions that they ask about the topic. If you don’t know what kind of burning questions they’re asking, then you can survey them or look at the comments from other people’s channels, groups, forums or use something like AnswerThePublic.
  3. Research the correct keywords.
    Keyword research is a foundation for a winning video. If you spend time upfront finding the correct keywords, then you have a video that people want to watch. I highly recommend targeting low competition keywords that have a high search volume. One online tool that I use is TubeBuddy.

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    Another tool you can use to quickly find a search volume for a particular keyword phrase is Keywords Everywhere.

    The cost per click and the search volume appear in the browser when you enter the keyword phrase in the search bar. This saves a ton of time doing keyword research. If you want to learn more about how to do keyword research, I’ll place a link in the description.
  4. Create a video series.
    Instead of thinking about solo video, think about a series of videos around a particular topic or theme. When your viewers get to the end of the video link to a similar video on a topic that they’ve just watched. This will help them to stay long on the YouTube platform and binge watch more videos.
  5. Design better thumbnails.
    If you create eye-catching thumbnails, then that display ad will be seen clearly in the search engines. The goal of your thumbnail is to stand out from your competitors in the search engines. If nobody clicks on your thumbnail, nobody’s going to watch your video. If nobody watches your video, you’ll have wasted all that time creating the video.

    One of the main factors that YouTube measures is the click-through rate on your thumbnails. If a lot of people click on your thumbnail, then YouTube will service more of your videos on other people’s channels.

    Try to aim for a click-through rate between 2% and 10%. The higher the better.

    Click here to watch my video on how to create clickable thumbnails.
  6. Use the power of playlists.
    Playlists help extend the watch time of your YouTube videos. If people watch more than one video, they’ll stay longer on the YouTube platform.

    A high watch time means that YouTube will promote your video in suggested videos. This is a free promotion by YouTube. Also, use cards and end screens to link to a playlist instead of a solo video. This will help viewers to dive deeper into your content.
  7. Look for patterns.
    Go into YouTube analytics and look at the top 10 videos that are doing well on your channel. These are videos that are proven to attract traffic to your channel, so create more of those types of videos.

    Instead of doing one video on a particular topic, create a series of videos that goes more deeply into the topic so people get more of the content that they wish to watch.

    If you discover one video that gets a lot of traffic, quickly do a series of videos around a similar topic to capitalize on the traffic that it’s bringing in.
  8. Ride hot trends.
    If you capitalize on a trend, often that video will go viral and bring a ton of traffic to your channel. Use Google Trends to find trending topics in your niche. For example, some of the trending topics at this particular time is the coronavirus, online meetings, et cetera. Try to find a training topic that aligns with your niche so you can capitalize on the fast growth of that particular video.
  9. Go live.
    The beauty of live streaming on your channel is that you can connect more deeply with your audience. I typically go live once a week and often I get more views than my regular videos. It’s also a great way to get a lot of watch time. So if you’re trying to get 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, try going live on your channel.

    Let me ask you a question…
    What types of videos have caused the most growth for your YouTube channel? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.
  10. Track the performance of your videos.
    The three main metrics you should be aware of is the click-through rate, average view duration, and average percentage viewed. If you get a high click-through rate, a high average view duration, and a high average percentage viewed, then YouTube will promote your video on other people’s channels.

    Try to improve one new thing for every video you publish and your channel will definitely grow. Some of the things you can improve on is a great camera, your audio, your backdrop, et cetera.
  11. Be consistent.
    I’ve been uploading two videos a week for several years and going live every Friday. You may not have a video that goes viral, but the more consistent you are with uploading videos on a regular basis, you’ll see channel growth. Especially at this uncertain time and a lot of people staying at home, I’ve seen twice the amount of growth in my views and subscribers.
  12. Build an email list.
    Your email list is something that you own so even if your YouTube channel is terminated, you still have your email list and be able to be in touch with your audience.

    Most of you probably want to generate revenue from YouTube videos but particularly if you’re a small channel, you need 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in 12 months. It’s going to be hard to generate revenue. Also, you don’t own the YouTube platform, so you want to get people off YouTube and onto your email list.

    Another benefit of having your own email list is that you can recommend your products and services, and also alert people to new videos that you’re uploading.

    Here’s a bonus tip.

    Set up a Facebook group that’s associated with your channel so you can answer questions and people can talk with like-minded members. Click the link in the description to join my Facebook group. Also, make use of the community tab and YouTube stories so you can communicate in different ways with your audience.

If you want to start a YouTube channel or optimize the settings of your current channel so you can get more views and subscribers, download my free YouTube QuickStart Guide.

If you optimize your channel correctly, then your channel and videos will be discovered in the search engines.

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