How To Get More Views On YouTube For Free Using TubeBuddy

If you want to get more views on your YouTube videos you need to find the keywords that are easy to rank for. When people discover your video on YouTube search you’ll get a steady flow of views. The TubeBuddy Extension helps you to find the best keywords to rank for.

Here are the steps to find the best keywords to rank
for on YouTube using the TubeBuddy extension.

Watch the video below

  • Go to with your Chrome browser and install the Chrome extension
  • It integrates directly into YouTube
  • I’ve installed the TubeBuddy extension
  • Now you can see the TubeBuddy icon at the top and also on the navigation
  • Click on the TubeBuddy icon
  • Click “tag explorer” and let’s put in a search term “get more views on youtube”
  • Here are the most used tags from the top ranking videos..”how to get more views on YouTube”
  • Here are the top ranking in search..I’ve got Sunny’s video “how to get more views on youtube”
  • It says that the search volume is very high and the competition is very high
  • Overall..this is not a good keyword to target simply because it’s too competitive
  • I’ve got trending..not enough queries there
  • Auto-suggested…here it’s got a bunch of keyword phrases for YouTube
  • And a bunch of keyword phrases for Google
  • Historical tab..this is going up and down
  • Results I’ve got the top ranked videos on YouTube for “how to get more views on YouTube”
  • If I want to reverse engineer Sunny’s videos, just click on her video
  • Click on “tools”
  • Go to “social monitor”
  • See where this video is being talked about on Twitter, Reddit, Google+ and Pinterest
  • You can see all the Twitter results..nothing on Reddit, Google+
  • Search rankings tab..see where this video ranks in YouTube Search for all its tags
  • And here you can see it’s No 2 for “how to get more views on YouTube”
  • Click “Tags” it’s got No 2 here so “how to get more views on YouTube”
  • That keyword phrase is too competitive so I’m going to my Tag Explorer
  • Click “Explore”
  • Go to auto-suggested..maybe I’ll try “get more views on youtube free”
  • It says high search volume, the competition is average and the score is 47 out of 100
  • It says “this is not competitive but also not searched too often
    making it an average keyword to target”
  • Maybe I’ll use that keyword phrase for my next video
  • So I am going to copy that phrase and paste it in my text editor file

Here’s how to find the best keywords for your video tags
using TubeBuddy so that your videos can be found in YouTube search

  • Let’s select a video
  • Click “edit”
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Click “suggest”
  • Here are all the suggested keywords and keyword phrases that I can add to my tags
  • Here are all the related keywords and keyword phrases that I can also add to my tags
  • I can also sort my tags
  • I can also translate my tags into another language

If you want to save time and money, boost video performance and engage with your audience then download Tubebuddy. It’s a killer “must-have” extension for all YouTubers.
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