How To Get Your First 100 Subscribers On YouTube Fast

What if you’re starting a new YouTube Channel….how would you hit your first 100 subscribers fast?

In the video below, I’m going to give you 10 tips if was I starting a YouTube channel from scratch.

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  1. Narrow your niche.
    If you choose a very broad niche, it’ll be hard to appeal to everybody. It’s best to narrow down your niche so you can appeal to a very select group. For example, if you pick the broad niche like how to train puppies, it’d be better to niche down into how train puppies for a specific breed of dog. It would be easier to rank for a specific keyword phrases and yet attract more traffic to your channel.
  2. Plan a video series.
    Instead of creating a solo video, think 10 videos ahead. Choose a topic based on a particular theme then go deeper into the topic.

    For example, recently I did a series on YouTube playlists. I talked about how to create and manage playlists. I talked about how to rank YouTube playlists. I talked about how to save videos to a private playlist and how to use playlists to get more traffic. When you create a video series, you encourage viewers to watch more than one video.

    The whole purpose of creating a video series is to give more content on what people want to watch. To do this, you have to create a content calendar so you can plan out your video ideas in advance.
  3. Choose the correct keywords.
    Keyword research is a foundation for getting your videos ranked in the search engines. If you choose the correct keywords, you can easily rank your YouTube videos and attract a lot of traffic.

    If you’re a small channel, choose less competitive keyword phrases because they’re easier to rank for.

    For example, instead of choosing a keyword phrase like how to train puppies, I choose a keyword phrase like how to train puppies not to bite. If you install the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere, it’ll show you the search volume for the keyword phrases you enter into the YouTube search bar. Shoot for keyword phrases that get between a hundred to a thousand searches per month.

    Another tool that speeds up keyword research is TubeBuddy. It gives you the keyword score, the search volume and related phrases to rank for.

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    While doing your keyword research, check out your competition on YouTube. If there’s hardly any videos ranking for those particular keyword phrases, you’ve got a winner.
  4. Brand your channel
    This includes your channel banner and your thumbnails. The purpose of branding your channel is to make it easy for viewers to recognize your brand across the internet. When they see your thumbnail on search engines, they’ll easily recognize that that belongs to your channel.

    Another thing to consider is that many people subscribe when they visit your YouTube channel homepage. Therefore create a beautiful channel banner, add a channel trailer and put playlists in the sections on your channel homepage.

    When people first visit your channel homepage, they can immediately take a deeper dive into your content.
  5. Create short and engaging videos.
    When you first start a YouTube channel, you have no audience so you want to attract new subscribers. To do this, you want to create short and engaging videos. First, you have to create an attractive thumbnail that stands out in the search engines.

    Secondly, you’ve got to come up with a great title that reinforces your thumbnail. A great thumbnail and a great title will cause viewers to click on your video because viewers have a short attention span.

    Keep your video short from two to five minutes. If you can keep 50% of your audience engaged all the way through your video, your video will do well in the search engines.
  6. Track the performance of your videos.
    The three metrics to keep an eye on is audience retention, click-through rate (CTR), and average percentage viewed.

    Click-through rate refers to how many people saw your thumbnail and clicked on your video to watch it. The average click-through rate is between 2% and 4% so if you get 4% you’re doing really well.

    Audience retention is how long people are staying watching your video. Try to aim for audience retention of 50%. If you get higher than that you’re really doing well and YouTube will promote your videos.

    Average percentage viewed is the percent of each video the average viewer watched. Try to get an APV score of 50% or over.
  7. Make more tweaks.
    Try to improve one thing in every new video you upload. As I mentioned previously, you want to improve your audience retention, click-through rate and average percentage viewed. For example, if you want to improve your click-through rate, improve the design of your thumbnails.

    If you want to improve your audience retention, improve the engagement throughout your video.

    Small tweaks can make a big difference to the growth of your channel.
  8. Have a consistent upload schedule.
    If you want to get your first 100 subscribers fast, you’ve got to upload on a consistent basis. For example, you might upload once a week at the beginning, then increase it to two times a week later on.

    Just try to upload on a consistent schedule so viewers know when to expect new content for the channel. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect so your first few videos are not going to be perfect.

    Also, don’t compare yourself with the competitors who have been doing it for a long time because you’ll only get depressed. Instead, focus on being the best you can be and create videos that your audience wants to watch.
  9. Repurpose your video content.
    After you finished optimizing and publishing video, your work has just begun. Share your video on social media sites by repurposing your video content.

    For example, upload the same video to IGTV and post a graphic or a square video to Instagram. You can upload a native square video to Facebook.

    Transcribe your video and add your transcript to a blog post containing your embedded video.

    If you have an email list, notify your subscribers about your new video.

    Make sure you also engage with the viewers by replying to them in the comments.
  10. Double down on what works.
    When you notice a video topic attracts a lot of views and subscribers, create more of those types of videos. For example you can approach the topic from a different angle. You can do more keyword research to find alternative keyword phrases to rank for.

    Here’s a bonus tip….
    * Use the features on YouTube to get people to subscribe to your channel.

    * Add a subscribe watermark to all the videos on your channel. Click here to find out how to create a subscribe watermark.

    * Add a subscribe button in your end screen.

    * Ask viewers to subscribe in your video and give them a strong reason why they should subscribe.

    * Put a subscribe link to the top your comments.

    * Add a subscribe link in the description.

    * Add a subscribe link on your about page.

    * Add a channel trailer because YouTube automatically adds a red subscribe button at the end of your channel trailer.

    * Add a subscribe link on your website, social media sites and in your email.

    Let me ask you a question, what is the one thing that has caused the most rapid growth for your YouTube channel?

    Post your answer in the comments below, I’d love to read them and I’m sure it’ll help others too.

Do you want to grow a YouTube channel fast this year and beyond? If that’s a yes, watch the next video on how to grow your YouTube channel fast.

If you want a grow your YouTube Channel so you can attract more views and subscribers, pick up a copy of my 100+ page YouTube Marketing Guide

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