How To Get Your YouTube Videos Noticed – My Top 10 Tips

How the heck do you get your YouTube videos noticed when
YouTube receives over 30 million visitors per day?

It’s easy to get discouraged when your newly uploaded videos receive
little or no views and other channels receive thousands or millions of views.

Your video won’t get discovered on YouTube or Google if you haven’t
optimized it or promoted it correctly after it’s been uploaded.

Here are my top 10 tips to get your youtube videos noticed:

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1. Rename your video file
When you first create your video file, it will be named something like ‘untitled.” The best practice is to rename your video file the same as you title your video . Make sure it includes some of your main keywords.

2. Optimize video file properties

  • Before you upload your video file, include the
    appropriate info in your file properties
  • On the MAC just right click the video file,
    click get info and fill out the video properties
  • On a PC just right click to view the video file properties,
    add a title, subtitle, tags and add a comment.


3. Optimize your title
Create a short catchy title that includes your main keyword or keyword phrase that you wish to target. For example if you’ve created a video for beginner dog trainers your title could be “dog training for beginners” Notice how I included dog training at the beginning of my title. Keep your titles within 70 characters, including spaces. Although YouTube has a 100-character limit for its titles, anything longer than 70 characters will be chopped off in the search results.

4. Write a clear description
This is where you describe the content of your video and include social media links and links to related videos. Keep in mind that only the first few lines of your description will appear under your video unless they click “show more” to view the rest of the description. Therefore make sure you describe your video in the first 2 lines and include a full video link to your landing page.
Include the rest of the space in the box to expand on your description, include links to your social media sites, a subscribe link, any related video URLs and a strong call to action. One thing I often do to fill out the description is to just include a transcript of your video content.

5. Select the right category
Select the category relevant to the video content that you’re uploading. If you’re consistently uploading content based on a specific theme, always select the same category. Currently you can select from 15 different categories. Simply select one of the categories for all your future uploads so you can forget about it.

6. Include relevant tags
Tags help your videos get discovered in the search engines so include relevant tags that relate to your video content. Usually I just include my video title in the first tag followed by related keyword phrases for the other tags. Use compound keywords in the first set of tags followed by singular keywords in the other tags. A great way to get your video seen in suggested videos is to include your channel username in one of your tags.

7. Transcribe your video content
When you add a transcript of your video content, YouTube will add captions at the bottom of your video. This helps people who can’t hear or understand what you’re saying to understand the message that you’re trying to convey in your video. This is because Google and YouTube can read the text file.

8. Add your video to a relevant playlist
If you sort your videos into relevant playlists, most of your videos will get seen because they relate to the same topic. It also encourages people to watch multiple videos. For example, I have a series of videos that show how to grow your youtube channel. Each time I create a video related to that topic I add it to the playlist.

Make sure you optimize your playlist by adding your title, description and appropriate thumbnail. If you create an official playlist it will get more traffic than a regular playlist.

9. Create an attractive thumbnail
YouTube automatically generates thumbnails for your videos. People scanning the listings on Google will be more inclined to click on an image than to click on a text listing. This is like having a free ad for your video. If you want your thumbnail to stand out in the search engines then create an attractive thumbnail that is unique to your channel.

10. Promote your videos
Sharing your videos outside of YouTube will expand your audience. Make sure you share your video on your social media sites and embed it on your own website or blog. Include your YouTube channel link in your email signature a well as highlighting it on your business cards.

The more your video link gets discussed and shared by yourself, your friends and contacts, the wider its reach and impact will be.

Bonus Tip
Track video performance

Monitoring the performance of your current videos will show you which areas you need to improve. Visit YouTube analytics in your channel dashboard to view the behavior of people watching your videos. For example, if you notice that people are dropping off at the beginning of your video, try asking a question to grab their attention followed by the meat of your content.

Make use of graphics, cards, end screens and annotations to keep your viewers engaged throughout your video. Most of all, your content should be high quality so people will want to subscribe to your channel and receive notifications of new material every week.

Now you know how to get your YouTube videos seen or noticed on youtube so you can get more views and subscribers on autopilot.

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