How to Increase Google Page Rank During Web Site Development

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Part 2

6. Include keywords in page and directory names. Instead of
giving your pages generic names, be creative and
incorporate keywords in their urls.

Let me give you an example:

If your site carried several pages of different types of
t-shirts, instead of naming your pages:

rename them:

This will help the search engines to identify the keywords
in your page url. If a site owner links to this page you
will benefit by already having your keywords in your web
page address.

7. Use keywords in your link text. If the links on your
page have relevant keyword text in them, your page will
receive higher rankings in the search engine results than
those sites that don’t.

For example, a link on your site (or from another site
pointing to yours) with the text “custom t-shirt” will
cause your site to be listed earlier if a visitor searches
for “custom t-shirt” than if the link simply said “click

8. Optimize your images. Try to avoid using images to
display important names, content, or links. Search engines
don’t spider images only text. Use ALT tags if any of the
main content on your web page can’t be formatted in regular
HTML. 9. Create external files. Instead of loading your
site with lots of css or javascript code, place all the
code in an external file between your header tags. This
will drastically reduce the load time of your pages and
allow the search engines to easily spider your site.

10. Create lots of attractive content. Web copy that is
well written will naturally attract visitors. Site owners
reading your content will naturally want to link to your
site without even asking for a link back.


Avoid using templates for the design of your site unless
you are not worried about getting high rankings. This is
because they are often not optimized for the search engines
i.e. contain proprietary code, don’t validate for correct
html, and are slow loading. Get a customized design so you
can optimize it during its development. This will help
increase your page rank as you market your to the search


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