How To Make An Automated Subscribe Link On YouTube And Get More Subscribers

Do you want to know how to create automated
subscriptions to your YouTube Channel?

Instead of relying on viewers to click the image in your YouTube video to subscribe to your channel, make a subscribe link to generate automatic subscriptions. When someone clicks on the subscription link a subscription box will automatically appear asking him or her to subscribe to your channel.

Here’s how to make an automated subscribe link for YouTube…

Watch the video below

Click Here To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel

Step 1.
Add ?sub_confirmation=1 to end of Channel URL

Add this ?sub_confirmation=1 to notepad or your text edit file
because you are going to add this to the end of your channel URL.

Step 2.
Find your Channel ID

To do this click on the profile icon
Click on the YouTube settings cog icon
Click advanced
Copy your YouTube channel id (UCuLnD8gKwzJOsSbDYm1dxhQ)
Add your channel id to notepad

Step 3.
Replace your channel ID with your own channel ID

Here’s my YouTube Subscribe Link
subscribe link for youtube
Highlight your channel id, copy it and replace channel ID with your own id
Add ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of the URL

Step 4.
Test that the subscribe link works

Highlight the URL, copy it and paste it in the address bar. The subscription box will automatically pop up asking the viewer to subscribe. When they click on the red subscribe button they’ll be subscribed to your channel.

Step 5.
Add the subscribe link everywhere

Add the YouTube subscribe link to your YouTube description, blog, landing page, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will help generate more subscribers to your YouTube Channel.

And that’s how you make an automated subscribe link
for YouTube to get more and more subscribers.

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