How to Make Money With Autoresponders

make money with autoresponders
The beauty of making money with autoresponders is that it can be done on autopilot. Autoresponder software automatically stores prospects information in a database. A series of email messages can then be sent automatically at pre-determined intervals.


Bill owns a sporting goods store and wants customers to keep coming back to his store and even tell their friends. He get’s a custom designed website for his business that includes an email capture form. He offers a free coupon for anyone that fills in the form. Once a customer submits the form the contact information is stored in the autoresponder software database. He creates a series of follow-up messages that include tips, updates, coupons and specials. These messages are loaded into his autoresponder to be sent out every 2 days. Customers are reminded about the store and tell their friends about the deals they can receive. This strategy results not only in increasing returning customers but obtaining many new ones as well.

Customers who purchase goods are offered to be added to the mailing list where they also receive the follow-up messages. This increases his sales. The autoresponder helps automate this part of his business leaving him free to do other things.

How online businesses can use autoresponders to make money.

Simply create a landing page with an opt-in form that asks for your prospects name and email address in exchange for a free report related to your business. After subscribing and downloading the report, your prospect receives a new tip about your product. At the bottom of each message include a link to the sales page of your product. Every day for 7 days send a new tip, so you’ll need to create 7 tips altogether. Each tip should contain 500 words of content.

By automatically sending new content every day your prospect is reminded about your product and gives them another opportunity to purchase it.

Tips for writing your autoresponder messages

  • The first message should thank them for subscribing and downloading the report. Introduce your product and let them know they’ll receive a great tip the next day. This will help them to watch out for your next email.
  • Don’t just pitch your product in every email. Prospects will quickly unsubscribe if you’re just selling to them. Instead write a story how the product helped you or include testimonies. Try to naturally mention your product in the content.
  • Include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message. There’s nothing more annoying than being unable to get off someone’s list.

Don’t stop with one autoresponder sequence. Set-up several autoresponders to sell multiple products. Before you’ve sent your last email, sign them up to another autoresponder sequence.

If you use this strategy you’ll make money on autopilot.

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