How To Use YouTube Creative Commons Videos To Make Your Own Video

Do you want to quickly create a YouTube video without starting from scratch?
Did you know that you can reuse creative commons video clips inside YouTube’s video editor to make your own videos within minutes?

YouTube’s free online video editor allows you to quickly create a video for commercial use by using creative commons video clips in the YouTube library.

Here’s how to create a Commercial Plumbing video using creative commons video clips…

Watch the video below

1. Select the Creative Commons Video Clip

Log into your YouTube channel
Click on your profile icon
Click creator studio
On your dashboard go down to create
Click video editor
Click cc
It says search creative commons videos
So I am going to look for a plumber video clip
Here’s a plumbing video..drag it down to the timeline
The text at the end of the video talks about local plumbing services in London
So I’m going to chop off the end by moving the slider on the timeline
Split the clip where the video ends

2. Add a call to action end slide

Click the A icon (text tab)
I’m going to use the centered title so I just drag it onto the timeline
I just enter my text in the box
The background color will be white
The text is going to be black
Now I am going to expand the timeline a bit
Now I have created my end slide

3. Create additional elements (optional)

Upload an image from the camera icon
Search for audio tracks
Include a transition
Add a video clip from your channel

4. Publish your video

After you’ve finished creating the video title it “Plumber in Annapolis MD”
Click “create video”
It says “sit tight your video edits are being processed,
come back to this page in a little while
Optimize the video while you’re waiting for it to be processed.

5. Optimize your video

Click on the info and settings link
Edit the title
Enter your call to action in the description
Add your tags
Change your privacy settings from public to private or unlisted
Add the video to a playlist
Click “save changes”
You’ll see my call to action slide at the end of the video.

That’s it!
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