How To Maximize YouTube Ad Revenue Even If You Get Less Views

How can you maximize your YouTube ad revenue, especially if you get less views on your videos? 

For example, this video received 307,000 views in the last 365 days and made $1,273. This video received over 175,000 views in the last 365 days and made $1,487. Later, I’ll explain the differences

In this video, you learn how to maximize your YouTube ad revenue, learn about the new ad controls, how to set the default ad formats for your channel, and how to override ad formats for individual videos.

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Improve ad controls 
From November, 2023, you no longer have control over the ad types displayed on newly uploaded videos. This means you won’t be able to turn off pre-roll post-roll, skippablel, and non skip skippable ads  for individual videos.

Why is YouTube doing this?
YouTube says, “we will utilize many factors to determine when viewers will see these types of ads to both maximize revenue and ensure a positive viewing experience.”

I like the fact that they want to maximize ad revenue. These factors include the amount of time viewers are exposed to ads and the number of times an ad interrupts a video they’re watching.

YouTube says they want to take the guesswork out of which ad formats to use by removing individual ad controls.

When you set default ad formats, you don’t have to change the settings for an individual video every time you upload it. Here’s how to set the default ad formats for your channel so you don’t have to change ‘them for individual videos later,

Click on settings in YouTube studio.
Click upload defaults,
Click on monetization.
Make sure all the boxes are checked under type of ads, as well as under location of video ads, which includes during video midroll then 
Click save.

Here’s how to override default ad format ads for individual videos.
This was still possible during the making of this video on November 1st, so I’m including it here.

Click on the content tab in YouTube studio,
Click on the title of the video you wish to select.
Click on monetization.
Make sure the monetization box is turned on.
Under types of ads, check all the boxes
Click save.

Keep in mind, you have to become a YouTube partner if you want to monetize your channel and videos. To become eligible for the YouTube partner program, you need 1000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours in the past 12 months, or 1000 subscribers and 10 million valid public short views in the last 90 days.

What does YouTube recommend to maximize ad earnings?
YouTube says, “we recommend allowing all ad formats on your videos to maximize your earnings. Different ad formats may yield different amounts of revenue and affect video viewership differently. We can’t predict how changing your default ad settings might affect your audience or monetization, but you can use YouTube analytics to track performance changes.”

If you don’t want to display non-skippable video ads on all your videos, just uncheck the box next to Non skippable video ads. Then click save.

How will this impact existing videos on your channel? 
Previously uploaded videos will retain the existing ad format selections. Any future edits to a video monetization settings will only offer the option to turn the ads on or off. Any new uploads will only have the option for the ads to appear before or after the video, either on or off.

Here’s how to maximize your ad revenue when using midroll ads.
When you upload videos that are 8 minutes or longer, you can include ads in the middle of your video, which are called Midroll ads, as well as at the beginning or end of your video. Including more ad breaks during your video will increase your ad income. By default. midroll ads are placed at natural breaks throughout your video to maximize your earning potential. Instead of allowing YouTube to choose the ad breaks for your video, I highly recommend adding them manually.

How do I know where to place the ad breaks? 
Visit the audience retention graph in YouTube analytics and look at the spikes on the graph. Spikes in the graph referred to increased viewership. So place your ad break right after the spike. It could mean that you just made a point during your video.

Alternatively, you can get YouTube to place your ad breaks automatically, then manually add new ad breaks afterwards.

YouTube says In the coming months, they’ll optimize mid roll earnings by combining automatic ad breaks with manual ad breaks. This means you’ll have more choices to select the most appropriate time to show ads to your viewers.

Click place automatically to allow YouTube to place the ad breaks in your video. 
Click ad break to place them manually.
If you want to discard the changes, click discard changes or hover over the trash sign to remove the ad break.

If you want to maximize your ad revenue using midroll ads, create videos longer than 8 minutes. This can easily be accomplished by publishing live streams or podcasts. Increase CPM. It represents a cost and advertiser pays for every thousand ad impressions.

An ad impression is counted each time an ad is shown to a viewer. For example, this video made $1,273 in the last 365 days with  a CPM of $15.41 cents.

This video made $1,487 in the last 365 days with a CPM of $22.65 cents.

So as you can see, advertisers are willing to pay more depending on the topic of your video rank on the first page of YouTube and Google. If your video ranks on the first page of YouTube and Google, you’ll receive evergreen traffic and revenue.

For example, this video currently ranks on the first page of Google for how to contact YouTube customer support in 2023, and it shows a large thumbnail at the top of page. It also ranks at the top of the page in YouTube search.

As a result, this video generates evergreen revenue even while I’m sleeping or on vacation. If you have multiple videos that rank on the first page of Google and YouTube, you’ll maximize the ad revenue for your channel.

How can I make money on YouTube without being a YouTube partner? 
Watch this video for 10 ways to monetize YouTube channel without 1000 subscribers.

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