How To Optimize PDF Files for Search Engines

Search engines love content. The beauty of PDF files are that they contain lots of textual content. Creating PDF files and including them on your web site is a good strategy for providing additional food for the search engines.

Search engines will index and rank PDF files by converting them to HTML documents.

Galen DeYoung from Search Engine Land wrote a great article recently on:

Eleven Tips For Optimizing PDFs For Search Engines

4 Highly Effective Ways to Market PDF Files

1. Include them on your web pages

Make sure you don’t duplicate the content already contained in your web pages…it may hurt your rankings.

2. Include them in an e-course

A series of sequential emails that contain PDF files for download will help increase the subscribers to your newsletter.

3. Offer a free download

People love to get things for free particularly they perceive it to be of high value.
Your free download can be a short report that provides more details above your product or service.

4. Viral marketing

A free PDF ebook or report can be freely distributed and/or syndicated to other web sites. One way to achieve this is to write an article with instructions to download the report in the resource box. By submitting this article to multiple directories you will quickly spread your report to many people.

You can also submit your free ebook to ebook directories.


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