How To Overcome Lack Of Motivation

Everyone will experience some lack of motivation in their lifetimes because we are emotional beings. This may result in depression, lack of confidence and giving up. Unless you learn how to control these emotions they’ll continue to dominate you and waste your previous time.

Lets look at a couple of causes resulting in lack of motivation and how to overcome them.


This is one of the main causes of lack of motivation. it usually occurs after you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into an activity. It could be a short-term activity such as working on a project or a long-term activity such as your job. In the beginning you may feel energized and enthusiastic but experience burnout after using up all your energy. This may result in loss of confidence, fatigue and make you want to give up.


After 10 years of designing and marketing websites for customers I was beginning to suffer from burnout. I lacked inspiration and motivation. To overcome this I had to go back to the root cause of why I began doing designing websites in the first place. The reasons included: working for myself, freedom to set my own hours, spend more time with my family plus make enough money to cover my bills. Writing down the main reasons for starting my career clarified my purpose and got me motivated again.

To overcome burn out clarify the purpose of your activity, create a few new goals then set a schedule to accomplish them. Inspiration usually flows once you get moving. Happiness results from completing a task.


It’s easy to give up when you encounter adversity. The circumstances may seem so insurmountable that you don’t even want to bother trying to overcome them. For example many years ago I worked as a door to door salesman. Some days I experienced so much rejection I couldn’t go on because I wasn’t making any sales and lost all my confidence. One method I used to overcome this was to focus on a different activity I enjoyed i.e. playing a sport, chatting with friends or even watching a good movie. After recharging my batteries I was ready to go again. I realized these were fleeting moments which only occurred sometimes and could easily be dealt with.


Everyone experiences a lack of motivation some time in their lives. High and low emotions are a natural phenomenon. Low emotions may cause you to think irrationally. Instead of being dominated by them learn to control them by understanding the purpose of your activity then create goals you can easily achieve. You’ll get your confidence back and feel good about yourself.

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