How To Poll Viewers On YouTube Using Poll Cards

poll cards

Did you ever want to add a poll to your YouTube video but
couldn’t because YouTube didn’t offer that feature?

Well, now you can poll your viewers directly in your video using poll cards.

Poll cards enable viewers to participate in multiple-choice polls directly within your videos.You can display your card at a specific time in your video and see the results in real time.

Here’s how to use cards to poll your YouTube viewers….

Watch the video below..

  • Click the profile icon
  • Click Creator Studio
  • Click the video manager
  • Select the video that wish to add a poll to
  • I’m going to select this video
  • Click edit
  • Click add a card
  • Go down to poll “encourage viewers to participate in a poll”
  • Click “create”
  • Add your poll question
  • It says “this text will also be used in the card teaser”
  • So add the teaser text
  • Poll choices…click “add another choice”
  • Click “create card”
  • Here’s the card..”what’s the biggest wave you’ve surfed..approximately 50 feet, 20 feet, 10 feet, under 5 feet
  • Adjust the start time for the teaser…so I’m going to put it at around 30 seconds
  • If you want to edit the poll just click the “Edit card” and you can just edit it there
  • If you want to remove it you just click the trash icon
  • Ok let’s check the poll
  • Go to the 30 second mark
  • Ok here’s the teaser text
  • When somebody clicks on that they’ll see the poll
  • So I’m going to select approximately 10 can see I’ve got 100%
    I select another one…100% on the other choice

How do you view the poll results?

  • Go to our cards editor
  • Click cards
  • And here it’s got the poll results
  • Click on that
  • Here’s the poll results…”what’s the biggest wave you’ve surfed?”
  • Approximately 10 feet
  • Here are 2 important things to keep in mind
    when adding poll cards to your YouTube videos…

    1. Viewers must be logged in to their YouTube account to participate in a poll. If they are logged out they’ll can be prompted to log in before they can vote.

    2. Once you delete a card you won’t be able to access the card and the votes will be lost.

    That’s it!.

    Now you know how to create, edit and remove poll cards on YouTube so you can poll your viewers.

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