How To Post YouTube Shorts

Are you ready to expose your content to an audience that has never seen your content before? 

In the video below, I’ll show you how to create, optimize, and post YouTube shorts so it grabs viewer’s attention and makes your message shine.

Does that sound like something you can use? 

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How to create a short just using your phone 
Tools you can use to edit your shorts
Ways to enhance your video to increase engagement
How to upload/schedule your Shorts video to be published

How can viewers find my Shorts?

  • Viewers can find shorts by tapping on the dedicated shorts tab at the bottom of the screen using the YouTube app. After a viewer clicks on a short, they can scroll to watch more shorts.
  • You can also discover shorts on the YouTube homepage, then scroll horizontally to view more shorts. If you click on a short, you can scroll vertically to watch more shorts.
  • If you tap on your subscriptions feed, you’ll also see shorts.
  • Shorts can also be discovered in YouTube search and Google search when people enter that search term in the search bar. 
  • Shorts will also appear on the YouTube channel homepage if you add a shorts section.
  • You can also watch shorts on your smart TVs, gaming consoles and streaming devices.
  • If you tap on your content tab in YouTube studio, you’ll notice there’s a dedicated shorts tab at the top.

How to view Shorts Analytics

If you tap on analytics, you’ll see the number of likes and subscribers in the last 28 days, how they chose to view, how many swiped away your top shorts, how viewers find your shorts, external sites, YouTube search terms, content suggesting you and playlists featuring you

If you tap on a short to view its individual analytics, you will be able to see the views, subscribers, estimated revenue, audience retention , top traffic sources, if it was shown in the feed, how many chose to view, percentage that swiped away, how viewers find the video, external sites or apps, YouTube search terms content suggesting this video and playlists featuring this short.

Here are some best practices when making your shorts so you can improve engagement and get more views.

  • The first few seconds of your short will determine if the viewer watches all the way through, therefore, create a strong hook in those first few seconds.
  • You kind of need to establish in the first two to three seconds why someone should watch this all the way till the end.
  • If you aim for a retention rate that is close to a 100% there’s a high probability your short will do well.
  • If you’re landing in like the 35 to 45 second range and driving over 90% retention, it’s pretty likely going to go somewhat viral.
  • Try to tell a story in your shorts video so it keeps views watching all the way through.
  • One thing we noticed with some of our shorts that weren’t doing as well, we were kind of delivering a lot of the information up top and then there was no reason to keep watching.
  • One way to keep viewers attention throughout your Shorts video is to use lots of B-roll every few seconds.
  • Keep in mind that your shorts loop, so pace your content accordingly and encourage replayability. 

Are shorts worth it? 

  • Currently, YouTube Shorts receives over 15 billion views per day, therefore I highly recommend going all in on Shorts.
  • You can also use shorts to promote your long form videos by editing your long form video into a short. A link to the original video will appear at the end of your short. Click here to learn how to edit a long form video into a Short.
  • You can also reply to a comment with a short, and the person that left a comment will be notified about the Short. The short will also appear in the comment. Click here to learn how to reply to a comment with a Short.
  • With shorts, you have the ability to reach new audiences that you can’t reach with long form videos because your shorts videos appear in the shorts feed when somebody’s scrolling their phone using the YouTube app. 
  • Shorts are easier and faster to make because you can just use your phone.
  • Shorts are a great way to attract a lot of views fast and grow your channel.

What if you don’t want to use a phone to make a Short…
Can you make and upload a short from your PC or laptop?
Watch this video on how to make and upload a short from your PC.

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Get My New Shorts Course: Mastering YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide
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