How To Quickly Get Your Website Listed In Google

When I talk to business owners about getting their website listed in Google’s search results they expect their site to appear immediately. Now this may be true if they don’t have a very competitive keyword they want to rank for however most popular keywords will have many competitors. You can’t blame business owners for thinking this way because they haven’t been educated about the intricacies of search engine optimization.

Top 7 factors that determine if your website will get listed in Google quickly

1. Optimize your web pages

Search engines will index your website based upon the keywords used so when a person enters a keyword into the Google search box ideally you want your website to appear. Make sure your main keyword phrase appears in the meta-tags, heading tags, main content, navigation and internal links of your website.

2. Search engine friendly design

If your site is built with flash it won’t get indexed by Google because searchers won’t find enough useful content on your pages. Avoid using too much Flash, JavaScript and don’t use images for navigation. Instead try to use cascading style sheets (CSS) to style the elements on your website and only use images to enhance your content.

3. Obtain quality backlinks

These are links from other websites that point to your site. The quality and quantity of back links determine how often Google will visit your web pages and how fast they will be indexed.

4. Domain age

A newly registered domain will take some time to get good rankings. Google needs time to trust your domain is not being used for spam purposes. Register your domain for several years to show Google you intend to be in business for a long time.

5. Age of website

It takes time for Google to trust the quality of your site. The older your website and the more backlinks it acquires the sooner Google will trust your website and rank it accordingly.

6. Create multiple web pages

A one page website will not get good rankings because it contains little content. If you optimize multiple pages for specific keywords you’ll have multiple points where people can enter your website to find your content. Google provides good rankings for sites that contain themed content that is meaningful to its readers.

7. Fast loading

Google doesn’t want people to wait a long time for websites to load, therefore they have included “site speed” as one of their ranking factors. Check your web host doesn’t use bot blocking software or cloaking scripts because these prevent Google’s bot from indexing your pages. Also check your robots.txt file doesn’t have “disallow” lines in it and make sure your web pages don’t contain “noindex” tags. Limit the use of images, flash, JavaScript so your pages load quickly.

It takes patience to achieve top rankings in Google’s search results. To get high rankings on Google as quick as possible you need highly optimized original content and lots of quality backlinks.

Lastly, don’t fall prey to rankings obsession. Here are the Top 7 reasons not to obsess over your search engine rankings

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