How To Rank Videos High On YouTube To Get More Views & Subscribers

Are you struggling to get your videos ranked high on YouTube?

Videos that appear on the first page of youtube or google
will get more views and subscribers than if they appear on pager 2 or beyond.

In this post I discuss the Top 16 YouTube Ranking Factors
that will get you more views and subscribers.

YouTube’s algorithim works differently to Google’s algorithim so it’s good to know what YouTube wants to rank your videos. Keep in mind that youtube is not going to reveal all the secrets of its algorithim for ranking videos. It contains 1000 lines of code.

Here are the Top 16 Ranking Factors

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1. Watch time
This is one of the biggest ranking factors and youtube says it rewards videos that keeps people watching not only on the next view, but on successive views.
Some of the things that you can do to increase watch time is to produce high quality content, create engaging videos, add call to actions, do live streaming.

2. Audience retention
This includes Average View Duration, Average percentage viewed, Absolute audience retention, Relative audience retention.

Average View Duration is the average minutes watched per view for the content of your video.

Average percentage viewed is the average percentage of a video your audience watches per view.

Absolute audience retention is how often a moment of your video is watched as a percentage of the total views. For example rewinding and re-watching can result in values higher than 100%
Take a look at what parts of a video are most popular and try to duplicate it. Pay close attention to the first 15 seconds of your video and see where viewers drop-off.

Relative audience retention compares your videos to all other videos of the same length. Take a look at the relative audience retention graph in youtube analytics. If it’s over 50% that means more people are watching your video compared to other videos of the same length.

3. View velocity
This refers to how fast you accumulate views in the first 48 hours of uploading your video so try to get lots of interaction on your video in the first 48 hours. Poor View Velocity will have a negative impact on your following videos as well as your previous videos.

4. Session Time
This refers to people watching consecutive videos so if you attract people to your video you get credit for your watch time. If they go from your video and watch videos on another channel then you still get credit for the video that’s been watched on your channel.

A couple of ways to achieve this is to add videos to Playlists. You can also redirect viewers to other videos by using playlists and cards.

YouTube rewards videos that get a lot of engagement such as likes,comments, etc. So definitely use cards, end screens and thumbnails to increase engagement.

6. Channel subscribers
Channels that attract new subscribers on a continuous basis will do better than channels that don’t attract subscribers. This means that your channel is growing and your channel will have more authority and will be easier to rank videos.

7. Title
Create a title for your video that matches the phrase that people are searching for on youtube and Google. By doing this you know that people are searching for that exact keyword phrase.

8. Description
Creating an optimized description will help your videos show up in the suggested videos sidebar.

9. Tags
Place the keyword phrase that you use in your title and description also in your tags. All tags that you use should be closely related to each other. This will help your video get discovered in the search engines.

10. Playlists
Playlists build long watch-time sessions for your video content. It helps organize and feature the content on your channel. Creating a series of videos and placing them in a playlist will keep people watching more videos.

11. Upload frequency
YouTube rewards channels that upload videos on a frequent basis. Instead of uploading your video once per month try to upload a video every week or twice per week. The key to frequent uploads is to be consistent.

12. Closed Captions
Adding closed captions to your videos will enable those people who can’t hear your videos to be able to read the captions under the videos. By doing this you expand the audience that watches your videos.

13. Video quality
All these ranking factors will make no sense if your video is not of high quality. Therefore make sure your content is what viewers want to watch.

14. Video length
The longer a viewer watches your video the better it will do in the search engines. For example if a viewer watches 1 minute of a 5 minute video then it won’t do as well as a viewer watching 5 minutes of a 10 minute video.Therefore experiment with creating longer videos that keep people watching.

15. Embedding
Embedding your video on your own website as well as other websites that get traffic will improve your rankings. This is because people are interacting with your video. It will also help to rank your web page on Google because people will stay watching your video on your web page.

16. Total Shares
When you share your video across the web on social media sites, it will generate more traffic. More traffic and interaction with your videos will help them to get ranked in the search engines.

Here are a few important things to keep in
mind when ranking your videos

  • Not all your videos will get top rankings especially if you’re in a competitive niche. Some videos will take months to get top rankings
  • Low competition keywords are easier to rank for. You can also get traffic from your channel home page and suggested videos
  • Optimize your old videos. Optimize your old videos.that are not getting a lot of traffic. Often by changing the title, description and tags, they’ll do much better.
  • Make sure you create content that people are searching for. Create evergreen content for long term rankings.
  • Use youtube analytics to see what’s working and what’s not working so you can make improvements.

    Let me ask you an important question
    What do you struggle with the most when ranking your videos?
    Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them.

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