How To Remove A YouTube Community Guidelines Strike After Your Appeal Was Rejected

I’m really excited this morning because I’m expecting some sales. Let me check my email.

What’s this?

“Your content violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines and has been removed. Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our harmful and dangerous policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube. How to download videos from YouTube on iPhone or Android.”

Wow, that’s depressing. I was expecting some good news.

What content did I violate?

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“How your content violated the policy.”

I watched the video several times and even ran it by some YouTube friends. They determined that I did not violate YouTube community guidelines. The content clearly states you need a YouTube Premium subscription to legally download videos to your iPhone or Android device.

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How To Appeal YouTube Community Guidelines Strike

Under the Community dashboard, you’ll see Channel violations. When you click on Appeal, you can appeal the decision. When you click on Appeal. It says, “Please explain the reason for your appeal.”

What this means is that you get a human review of your content. Typically, the YouTube bots first flag your content for violating the community guidelines. I’m really hopeful that when I submit my appeal that my video will get reinstated. After you fill out the box, you just click Submit.

Let me check my email….
“Drost Video, we’ve reached a decision on your appeal. We have reviewed your appeal for the following content. We reviewed your content carefully, and have determined that it violates our harmful and dangerous policy. We know this is probably disappointing news, but it’s our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all.”

Wow, I was hoping to get my video reinstated

How’s this going to affect my channel?

“How this affects your channel. We won’t be putting your content back on YouTube. If your appeal was for a warning, you will not be given another warning in the future. If your appeal was for a strike, the strike will remain on your channel.”

Keep in mind that if you get 3 strikes on your channel, your channel will be terminated. If you get one strike, then you won’t be able to upload any new videos or go live for one whole week.

It really sucks because if you get two more strikes during that week, your channel will be gone.

How can I remove the community guidelines strike even after my appeal was rejected?

Here’s a tweet that I sent the Team YouTube…

“Please check why I received a community guidelines strike for my video tutorial. I explain how to use a premium subscription for authorized downloads. My appeal was rejected. Thanks.”

Here’s the reply I got back from TeamYouTube….

“Thanks for the info. We’ve passed this along to the team to get a closer look. We’ll get back to you once we have an update from them.”

I’m hopeful, but I’m not holding my breath.

One day later, I get a reply back from TeamYouTube. Let’s read what it says….

Following up, we’ve heard back from the team, and we’ve reinstated the video.” Moving forward, you can read more on the importance of context through this Help Center article for additional information. We’re here if you have any other questions.”

Whew! What a relief.

I got to say I wasn’t expecting my video to be reinstated so I’m really glad that I reached out to TeamYouTube.

Post in the YouTube Community Forum

Another action that I took after the appeal was rejected by YouTube was to post in the YouTube community forum. Here’s my initial post on YouTube community forum.

I got a reply from Andrew S., who’s a Platinum Product Expert, that says,

“Can you share the link to the removed video from YouTube and a screenshot of your Studio showing the rejected appeal?”

View the screenshot of my rejected appeal in the above video.

Then Andrew said, “Okay, there isn’t anything I can do while the appeal hasn’t been rejected yet.”

After my appeal got rejected, I posted again to the YouTube community forum.

I said, “The appeal got rejected. The tutorial clearly explains that YouTube Premium is the only legal way to download videos to your phone. Alternatively, save them to a playlist to watch later.”

Here’s their reply:

“Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our harmful and dangerous policy.”

Here’s a reply from Andrew S:

“Thanks for providing this. I see there’s another escalation created for you for the same video, so I’ll keep track of that rather than creating a duplicate escalation.

He does give me a tip by advising to put YouTube Premium in the title. I also reached out to Captain Rob Lee who’s a Gold Product Expert. I want to thank Andrew and Captain Rob Lee for helping out.

After the video got reinstated and strike removed, Captain Rob Lee posted a recommended answer in the YouTube community forum.

“Glad to hear the video has been reinstated. I agree with Andrew. I strongly suggest you reword the title. And you probably should review the description and tags to make sure they are not misleading.”

Here are a 4 tips based upon my experience of getting community guidelines strikes.

  1. Make sure you have a clear title, description and tags that represent the content in your video. The YouTube bots may flag more videos as more content is uploaded to YouTube.
  2. Appeal the strike if you feel your video hasn’t violated the community guidelines.
  3. Tweet @TeamYouTube if your appeal is rejected, then , and also post in the YouTube community forum.
  4. Avoid creating videos on topics that might get flagged by YouTube.

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