HOW TO TRANSLATE OTHER PEOPLES YOUTUBE VIDEOS (translate subtitles as a viewer)

Have you ever watched a YouTube video but didn’t understand the content because it was on a different language than your own?

In the video below, I show you how to translate other people’s videos into your own language within a few seconds.

For example, I translated a video with English subtitles to Arabic subtitles within a few seconds.

I also show you how to enable community contributions, so you can get other people to translate the subtitles into different languages.

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How To Translate English Subtitles To Another Language

  • Select the video that you wish to translate,
  • Click the cog icon that says settings,
  • Click Subtitles/CC,
  • Click English (auto-generated). Currently, I have the English auto-generated subtitles underneath my video.
  • Click English (auto-generated),
  • Click Auto-translate,
  • Select the language that you wish to translate your video into, in this case, I’m going to choose Arabic.
    Now the English subtitles have been translated into Arabic. As I continue playing the video, you can see all my subtitles are now in Arabic.

Let me ask you a question….
What are the two most popular languages of people watching your videos? Put your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them, and I’m sure others would too.

Here’s how to submit community contributions for videos you want to translate.

  • Select the video you wish to contribute a language to,
  • Click the three dots under the video,
  • Click Add translations.
  • At the top where it says Subtitles/CC Transcribe, here are the auto-generated English subtitles from YouTube so I can edit them line by line.
  • Alternatively, I can click the Actions drop-down box and Upload a file.
  • I can also switch the language from English. I can search 195 languages. I’m going to put in German, select Germany, Set language. I can now put the German subtitles in the boxes as I go through the video.
  • I can also use Keyboard shortcuts to go back, forward, pause or play, add a new line, edit next subtitle, edit previous subtitle, add the subtitle.
  • Alternatively, I can click on the Actions drop-down box and upload a file in the German language.
  • I can also get credit for my contributions.
    If I click on the question mark, it says, “Want credit for your contributions? Your YouTube profile name may be posted on the public video.” So that we go in the description under the video.
  • After you finish translating the video, click Submit contribution. It says, “Are the subtitles done? No- Let others keep working on them. Yes- They’re ready to be reviewed.
  • You just click Submit. It says, “Thanks for your contribution. Subtitles/CC has been submitted.” I can also translate the title and description or contribute to other videos.
  • If I click on your contributions, I can see the contributions that have been submitted. After you’ve submitted your content, it goes through a review process where YouTube checks for inappropriate content or spam. If enough people have already contributed translations for our video, you’ll be asked to help review the content instead of adding to it.

Here’s how to enable community contributions for all future videos.

  • Click the profile icon,
  • Click YouTube Studio,
  • Click Videos,
  • Click Subtitles,
  • Click the cog icon,
  • Click Turn On.
  • To turn it off, just click the cog icon again and click Turn Off.

Here’s how to enable community contributions for individual videos.

  • Go to YouTube Studio,
  • Click on Videos,
  • Select the video or videos you wish to enable community contributions for,
  • Click the drop-down box next to Edit,
  • Click Community contributions,
  • Select On,
  • Click Update Videos. It says, “Are you sure? You’re about to update the selected videos. Updating your videos is permanent and can’t be undone.
  • Click I understand the implications of this section,
  • Click Update Videos. It says one video was successfully updated.

Here’s how to find the special link to give to others to contribute translated subtitles to your video.

  • Go to the video you want to contribute to. Replace “watch” in the video URL with “timedtext_video“,
  • Contribute your language. You can search from 195 other languages besides English.

Do you want to know how to add closed captions or subtitles to your own videos so you can reach a global audience?
If that’s a yes, watch my next video on how to easily caption your videos.

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