How To Upload A Video On YouTube Studio Beta (new upload process)

Did you know that YouTube now recommends uploading a video as unlisted?

In the video below, I show you how to upload your videos on YouTube using their new beta upload process.

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Here are steps to upload your video on YouTube using your desktop computer.

1. Make sure you’re logged in to YouTube channel then click on YouTube Studio Beta.

2. Click the Camera icon that says create a video or post.

3. Click Upload Video Beta.

It says “Welcome to the new upload beta experience. It includes and improved step-by-step flow and additional guidance.” Click Close.

4. Click Select File.

I’m going to select How To Livestream on YouTube Mobile.

While it’s uploading, I can edit the Title, Description, and Thumbnail. I already got my title in there. Let’s add a description…discover how to Livestream on YouTube mobile from your iPhone or Android device.

Select custom thumbnail. I just select this one for now. Click Open.

We also go to advanced settings.

You can add the video to a playlist.

I can add Cards.

Here I can add card. Add a video playlist. I can add a channel. I can add a poll. I can add a link if my website if it has been approved. You can also add tags. Tag for instance, how to livestream on YouTube. I can select category, ie how to style & recording date. I don’t really need to set a recording date, but you can if you want to, just select the date that you’re currently uploading.

Additional settings.

Enable age restriction, leave that blank. Check allow embedding. Check publish to the Subscriptions feed and allow notifications to subscribe. If it’s a sponsored video check “This video contains paid promotions such as paid product placement, sponsorships, or endorsement.

If you want to add an end screen, just click end screen.

I can use a template.

See template example below

You can also import a template from a video.

I can enter a URL and I can also add elements.

I can add a video playlist, subscribe button and another channel. If my channel was enabled for adding a website I could add a website link.

For language select English.

Video location. You don’t really have to add a location.

Licensing rights

I would select the standard YouTube license just make sure you don’t check Creative Commons.

Comments and ratings, allow comments, allow all comments, comments for review.

I’m going to allow all comments and click Next.

Visibility settings can be public which means anyone can view the video. Within public you can be set it as a premiere video which means that you invite fans to co-watch and chat about the latest video release. Private, only you and the users you choose can see your video. You can schedule it to go as public. For example if you want to schedule it for a day next week then choose a date and time for next week.

Here’s an important note from YouTube to get your publishing date right. When you make a video public on YouTube, the published on date on the watch page is based on Pacific Standard Time.

I know it’s kind of confusing because I live on the East Coast which conforms to Eastern Standard Time.

I check unlisted which YouTube recommends. It means only people with a link can see the video. This helps check for monetization or community guidelines issues before your video goes public.

After you’ve selected the visibility settings, just click Done. You can now share the link from your video on social media sites. Click Close.

Now you can see the video listed at the top of the videos tab.

If you want the video to go public, just click the dropdown, you can set it as a premier where your invite fans to co-watch and chat about your latest video or you can make it private and schedule it as public. I don’t want the videos to go public now, so I’m just going to leave it as unlisted. I highly recommend choosing unlisted before your video goes public.

This will enable you to get all the settings right before you actually go public.

Let me ask you a question.
What visibility setting do you typically choose when uploading a new video…do you select public, private, or unlisted?

Post your answers in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

What if you don’t want to write a new description for every new video you upload, do you have a solution for that?

I’m glad you asked. You can just use the upload default settings for your channel. Just click on YouTube Studio Beta.

Click Settings bottom left of your page,

Make sure you select YouTube Studio Beta.

Click upload defaults

Paste a new description. Keep in mind that you can edit the description alter for any individual video you upload. Typically I just edit the first few lines that describe the content of my individual video.

After you’ve added your default description, you can also choose the default visibility settings. Just click the drop-down, select public, private, or unlisted. In this case, I’m going to select unlisted.

Click Save.

Now every time you upload a new video the description will already be added.

What if you want to upload a video to YouTube from your phone, is that the same process?

I’m glad you asked. Just watch my next video on how to upload a video to YouTube using your phone.

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