How To Use Creative Commons Videos On YouTube To Make Money

Did you know that you can use other people’s videos to make money on YouTube?

In the video below, you’ll learn 5 ways to use free Creative Commons license videos to make money on YouTube.

According to YouTube..”by making your original video with a Creative Commons license, you’re granting the entire YouTube community the right to use and edit that video.”

That’s great news for video creators like you and I because it means we can use Creative Commons videos in our own videos without getting a copyright strike. We just need to add our own commentary to make the video unique.

YouTube also says...”if you’ve marked your video with a CC by license, you retain your copyright and other users get to use your work subject to the terms of the license.”

If you want to learn more about how to find and use Creative Commons videos in your own videos, click here.

Here are 5 ways to make money on YouTube using Creative Commons videos.

  1. AdSense ads.
    These are ads that are displayed within the first five seconds of playing your video. Advertisers pay for these ads to be displayed on your channel, and you get a cut of the revenue.

    Just keep in mind that your channel needs to be enabled for monetization. In order to do that, you must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program and have 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the past 12 months.

    To make money from displaying AdSense ads on your videos, you can find a free Creative Commons videos on a popular topic that gets a lot of views, you can then can add your own commentary to it to make it unique . This will prevent your video from being flagged by YouTube for duplicate content.
  2. Affiliate marketing.
    The great benefit of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create the product or the marketing materials for the product. All you have to do is to sign up for the affiliate program and promote the product, and then you receive 50% or so in commissions. You can use Creative Commons videos to create a review video of the product.

    For example, if your video is about training puppies, you can find Creative Commons videos about training puppies. Just enter training puppies in the YouTube search bar, click filter, click Creative Commons, scroll down, then select and click on a how to train puppies video. Click show more in the description below the video, the license says “Creative Commons Attribution license reuse allowed,” That means I can use this one for my affiliate marketing video without getting any copyright claims.
  3. YouTube video ad campaign.
    Perhaps you want to test a video ad campaign, but you don’t want to waste time creating your own video. Instead, you can find a Creative Commons video to test your video ads campaign.

    Here’s a video ad I tested for a local plumber using a Creative Commons video. The only thing I did to it was add a call to action at the end of the video.
  4. Generate leads.
    Generating leads from your YouTube videos to build an email list is a great way to follow up on your customers. You grab a Creative Commons video on a specific topic, then add your own introduction and call to action at the end. Your call to action could be to download a free cheat sheet or ebook in exchange for the contact information.
  5. Sell your own products.
    Perhaps you have your own product that you wish to promote on YouTube. You can find a Creative Commons video or videos that illustrate your product.

    For example, if you are promoting a dating service, you can find Creative Commons videos on dating. Just enter “Dating, Creative Commons” in YouTube search bar and click search. All the videos that are displayed are Creative Commons.

    If you want to check the license, just click on the video, click show more in the description. On the license it says, “Creative Commons Attribution license reuse allowed.” This means you can use this Creative Commons video in your own video.

Here are 3 important things to keep in mind when using Creative Commons videos in your own videos.

  1. Make sure it’s a Creative Commons video and that reuse is allowed. This will enable you to reuse or edit the video without getting a copyright strike.
  2. Make sure you give attribution to the original creator in the description of your video. Whenever you use a Creative Commons video as your own video, you must give attribution to the original creator.

    Here’s an example of an ideal attribution.

    Creative Commons 10th Birthday Celebration San Francisco” by tvol is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Title? “Creative Commons 10th Birthday Celebration San Francisco”Author?
    tvol” – linked to his profile pageSource? “
    Creative Commons 10th Birthday Celebration San Francisco” – linked to original Flickr pageLicense?
    CC BY 2.0” – linked to license deed
  3. Make sure your video is unique. YouTube says, “Make sure your content adds value, is unique, and relevant.” You can do this by adding commentary instead of just uploading the whole video.

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