How To Use Playlists On YouTube To Get More Views and Subscribers

Did you know that the YouTube playlist, can also rank in the search engines, resulting in more views on your channel?

In the video below, you’ll discover the top benefits of using playlists to grow your YouTube channel, the types of playlists to use, where to add them on your channel, how to create and optimize them and how to track their performance.

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Here are the top benefits of using playlists…

1. Get more traffic views and subscribers.
2. Boost session watch time.
3. Playlists also rank in search.
4. Add playlists to you social media sites. You’re going to add more videos to the multiple playlists. You can add other people’s videos to your playlists to extend session watch time.

Types of playlists

Regular palylists
With the regular playlist you can add videos to multiple playlists. For example, one particular video might relate to several playlists.

Series playlists
This is an official playlist. You can only add one video to this particular playlist. The beauty of an official playlist is that YouTube will serve the best videos based upon the browsing history of the viewer.

How do you create and optimize a playlist from scratch?

Log in to your YouTube channel homepage, click playlists, click new playlist, add a playlist title (I’ll cal this “test”), click create, click add a description, click playlist settings, set the playlist privacy to public.

Ordering – you can set it to manual, date added newest, date added oldest, most popular, date published newest, date published oldest. Or you c an check the box….”add new videos to the top of playlists.”
I’m going to select “date added newest”

Under additional options, you can set as official series for this playlist, check that box. If you hover over the question mark it says, “Use this setting for sets of videos uploaded to your channel as part of an official series. A video cannot appear in more than one series playlist. YouTube may use this information to modify how the videos are presented or discovered.”

Then allow embedding.

You can also auto-add, so you can “define rules for videos to automatically be added to this playlist.” Title contains– You can add your words to that box, the description contains or tag.

You can also click collaborate. “Collaborators can add videos to this playlist.”

Click add videos, then do a videos search. If I search for cats, I get all the videos here for cats. I can add cat videos from other channels. If I click on URL, I can add a video URL in one of my videos or I can go to “Your YouTube videos”, and I can add any of these videos from my channel to the playlist. I’ll select this one. Click “add videos” and here is a video added to my playlist. If I click on more, I can move it to the top, move it to the bottom, I can also add/edit notes.

I can add a description for this specific video which will help it to rank in the search engines. Click “set as playlist thumbnail“. That means that the thumbnail for this video will appear as a thumbnail for my playlist. Then I can just add more videos if I wish. I can add a video to the top, or I can move it to the bottom.

Where should you add playlists on your channel?

Channel Homepage.
When you add sections channels to your homepage, make sure you add your best playlist to the first section. When the viewer scrolls through your channel homepage make sure you guide them through the best content so you can get them to subscribe.

End screen.
When the viewer comes to the end of your video, you want them to continue watching more of your videos. Therefore introduce a playlist that is related to the content that they’ve just watched. This will motivate them to watch more of your videos which YouTube loves.

Add a YouTube playlist to one of your cards especially if you notice a drop-off point in YouTube analytics. If your viewer leaks your video and clicks on a YouTube playlist, in your card and continues watching more of your videos, YouTube will reward you for that.

When you write your YouTube playlist to your YouTube description, if people are scrolling down to check your description, then they will be more encouraged to watch more of the videos when they click on the YouTube playlists.

Embed on your website or blog
One of the highest ranking factors for getting your web page listed on Google is when a visitor spends more time on your web page. If you embed a YouTube playlist on your website or blog then your visitor will be more inclined to stay on that page watching more of your videos.

Add to social media sites
When you add your YouTube playlist to your social media sites, your viewers will be more inclined to watch video after video.

Here’s how to track the performance of your YouTube playlist…

Go into YouTube analytics, check playlists, scroll down to check the top ten videos of your playlist. Check the watch time and views for each video in the last 28 days. Check the gender, age, and demographics. Move the best performing videos to the top of your playlist. Your best one will have the most watch time.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when using YouTube playlists to get more views.

  • Plan ahead by thinking of a theme for your playlist, then create a series of videos that you can put in the playlist.
  • Place your strongest or best video at the top of your playlist.
  • All videos in a playlist should be relevant to each other.
  • Keep your playlists short so viewers will watch all your videos in your playlist.
  • Avoid adding a video to a playlist right away. When you first upload a video don’t add it to a playlist, instead, wait a couple of days then add it to your playlist so that it creates a new session ID.
  • Create a lot of playlists. Think of different themes that you can create for your playlist.
  • Update your playlist regularly with new content. If you got an old video that has been added to your playlist three years ago, replace it with new content that has been newly updated.

Let me ask you an important question…
How are you currently using playlists on your YouTube channel?
Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and others would too.

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