How To Use TubeBuddy To Get Subscribers On YouTube (TOP 7 WAYS)

I’m going to show you the top 7 ways to use TubeBuddy to get more subscribers on YouTube. You’ll learn how to find the best keywords to rank your videos, how to save time by finding the most relevant tags, how to share your videos to get more views, and how to check your rankings in the search engines.

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Let me ask you a question for those who already use TubeBuddy…
What’s the one feature you use the most on TubeBuddy? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

I use the keyword explorer tool from TubeBuddy to quickly find the correct keywords for every video that I uploaded. After you’ve installed TubeBuddy, you’ll see a TubeBuddy icon at the top of the page when you’re logged into YouTube channel. Click the TubeBuddy icon. Click Launch Keyword Explorer Now. Enter the keyword phrase in the search box, how to find a YouTube video. Immediately, you’ll get the autocomplete suggestions from YouTube search.

First, I’m going to explore the keyword phrase, how to find a YouTube video. Click Explore. Overall score is fair, 28 out of a 100, so it’s not really good. It would be hard to rank for that one, but search volume is fair. Competition is fair. Optimization strength is excellent. Number of videos in search results, 152 million. Number of monthly searches, 300 searches per month, so that’s pretty good, but obviously, this keyword phrase is too competitive.

Over here on the right, we’ve got related searches, which are long-tail keyword phrases that are less competitive. I’m going to select how to find a YouTube video you can’t remember the name of. Now, I have an overall score of excellent, 100 out of 100. Search volume is excellent. Competition, good. Optimization strength, excellent. Number of videos in search results, 52.1 million, so that’s much better than 150 million.

I can also check the top results in YouTube search if I click on results. The number one video is my video, which I did several months ago, how to find YouTube video without knowing the name of, currently ranks number one in YouTube search. If I scroll down, I’ll find another one of my videos that’s ranked on the first page of YouTube, and no other videos have that same keyword phrase as the title. It says here I own two of 40 search results out of 52.1 million YouTube search results. If I hover over Action, I can add to a topic planner, optimize in SEO studio, copy to the clipboard. Now, I’m going to optimize it in SEO studio.

SEO Studio

I’ve got the title and description. I highly recommend adding a more descriptive paragraph in the description, so you can improve your TubeBuddy SEO score. I already got my tags according to relevance, so that saves a lot of time. If I click on the thumbnail, then I can see all the thumbnails of the top videos and what I’m competing against.

I can upload a custom thumbnail that competes and looks better than the current ones that are there. TubeBuddy also gives you some thumbnail tips such as use bright colors and high contrasting images, include a close up of a human face, ensure text is large enough to read on any device, use fonts and colors and shapes that are consistent with your brand. If I click apply to video, then it says, “Great job. Your optimized title, description, tags are ready. Apply this optimization to a video later.” I can save it as a draft or apply it immediately to the video that I’m creating.

You can see that TubeBuddy has saved me a ton of time by looking for the correct keyword phrase and optimizing my YouTube video.

Did you know you can even save more time with TubeBuddy by researching your keywords directly from your video watch page?
If I enter my keyword phrase, how to find a YouTube video in the YouTube search box, I immediately see these statistics in search explorer on the right here. I’ve got the keyword score, I’ve got the keyword stats, I’ve got related searches, and I’ve got the most used tags.

If I click on one of these related searches, I get the same excellent score as before. If I click keyword stats, I get most views, least views, keyword in title, keyword in description, keyword in tags, top channel, and videos I own.

Here’s my video rank number one for the search phrase, how to find a YouTube video without knowing the name.


If I quickly want to view the stats for this video, I can just use Videolytics. I’ve got a summary here of the total views, comments and likes, got the SEO stats, social stats, and channel stats. I also got the tags for this video, which I can copy. I can also show the search rankings.

These are all the green marks here showing that this video is ranked number one in YouTube search and number two in YouTube search for those particular keyword phrases. I can copy those tags and use them for future videos. I can quickly view the stats for any video I see on YouTube.

What if I want to compare this video with another video?
Click the Compare tab. I can compare this video to this channel’s most popular video, which is my own channel, my channel’s most popular video, a specific video so I can just put the URL on there, and I can also autorun a comparison on the video watch page.

With this Videolytics comparison tool, I can quickly compare a video I’m researching with one of my own videos. It’s a great way to save time doing competition research, so you can quickly compare your video with another video and decide if your video will rank for that particular keyword phrase. If I click on the tools tab, I can quickly check the search rankings. It shows the search results in YouTube search. If I click on share tracker, I can quickly share my video on any of these social media sites.

If I click on Vid2Vid promotion, then I can share this video in the descriptions of all the other videos on my channel.

If I click advanced embed, then I can embed this video on my website or on a blog with this embed code. I have all these options to play the video from a particular start time to an end time. I can select the embedded video size. I can play the video from start time to an end time. I can autoplay the video, loop the video.

Loop video is a great option for embedding the video on your website or blog because the video will continue playing over and over instead of showing unrelated videos at the end of the video. Auto-hide the play bar, disable the play controls, disable the fullscreen, do modest branding, disable keyboard controls, force closed captions, enable advanced privacy mode, enable JavaScript API.

A/B Split Testing For Thumbnails

The thumbnails determine if a viewer will watch your video. If they don’t click on the thumbnail, then they won’t see the video and you’ve wasted a ton of time. The thumbnail that you spent hours creating and fell in love with may not do as well as another thumbnail that you only spent a few hours on.

How do you know? This is where the thumbnail split testing feature will determine which thumbnail gets you the most traffic.

Click the TubeBuddy icon. Click Website Tools. Click A/B Tests. As you can see, I’m split testing multiple thumbnails for different videos here. If I click on this one, I’ve got the original thumbnail here and the variation thumbnail here. The data analysis says based on the total number of impressions and clicks, we are 87.49% sure that your variation thumbnail performs better than the original. As you can see here, the variation thumbnail, I’ve got a higher click-through rate, my impressions and clicks, and more watch time.

The conclusion is that based on the click-through rate, the variation version of your video outperformed your original by 51.31%. For this video, the variation click-through rate was 13.8% higher than the original. If we want to split test a new video, I’ll just click Create AB Test and I just select the video. I can do a thumbnail test or metadata test.

As you can see, the thumbnail split testing feature in TubeBuddy is very handy to split test different thumbnails to see which one gets you the most traffic.

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Translate Title and Description

If you want your content to reach a global audience, I highly recommend translating your title, description and tags into a different language. Here’s how to do it. Select the video from your videos tab. I’ll click on this one. Now, I’m using the editing feature, so scroll down to the bottom. Here, you’ve got your tag tools, so I can copy the tags, sort the tags, import tags, translate, and also use the keyword explorer from here.

I’m going to click on translate. Here it shows the top languages spoken by my channel’s audience. I’ve got English, Hindi, Filipino, Arabic, and Punjabi. Here’s all my tags for the video. If I want to translate these tags into Hindi, I just select my language from over here, select Hindi, and now, it’s translated my tags into Hindi. I can do the same for any of these particular languages. Here’s how to translate your video title and description using TubeBuddy. Click Subtitles. Click Add Language. Select the language you want to translate your video into. I’m going to select Hindi. Under title and description, click Add, click Translate.

Now, you can see that my title and description have been translated into Hindi, and just click Publish. Now, you can see under title and description that my video is being translated into Hindi and English. If you want your content to reach a larger audience, consider translating your title description and tags into different languages.

Search Rank Tracking

I showed you previously where your video tags rank in YouTube search by TubeBuddy placing a green icon next to your tags. The search ranking tool from TubeBuddy will show you the rankings of your videos in YouTube search results and also Google Search.

Click the TubeBuddy icon, click Website Tools, click Search Rank Tracking. This page shows all your ranking reports. I’m going to click re-generate ranking report. This can take several minutes. For this keyword phrase how to translate youtube videos to English. This video ranks number two on YouTube and number one on Google Search. For this video how to rank in youtube browse features ranks number one on YouTube and number three on Google Search.

If you want to track more keyword phrases just click Keywords to Track, click Add Keywords, just enter my keyword phrase, and there, and then click Save. Keep in mind you have to upgrade to a paid version to use the search engine ranking tracker. The start option gives you five keyword phrases, the legend version gives you 50 keyword phrases. The great benefit of the Search Rank Tracking feature is that it shows you the rankings in both YouTube and Google Search.

Promo Materials

TubeBuddy provides multiple ways you can share the links from your video or channel on your social media sites or website. You don’t have to waste time creating all the different links that you need.

Click the TubeBuddy icon, click Website Tools, click Promo Materials. This is my most recent upload link so I can share this on Instagram, Facebook, et cetera. This is an embed link for my most recent upload. I can paste this URL embed code to always have my latest YouTube video load on my website.

This is a link to my most popular upload, this is the channel page link so I can direct people to my YouTube channel page. Use this link for a pop-up subscribe link so direct people to the YouTube channel page and display the subscribe to channel pop-up.

Here’s a direct link to my latest video, a link to my high-resolution thumbnail, link to my channel art, link to my channel thumbnail, and here’s the embed code which I’m going to add to my website or blog to always showcase my most recent video.

I can give out this RSS feed link to people who want to subscribe to my channel via an RSS reader. Hey, Herman, which link do you use the most? The link that I use the most is a subscription pop-up link for my channel page. You see the pop-up subscribe box asking people to subscribe.

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