How To Use YouTube Videos For Lead Generation

Getting new leads is a constant worry for small business owners. You not only have to pay your employees, but have expenses to deal with and families to feed. If you’re not constantly generating new leads for your business you’ll soon be out of business. It’s either feast or famine. Sometimes you get a surge of new customers and work diligently with them for several months. When the surge ends you suddenly realize you have no new clients to work with which means no money is coming in.

Why use YouTube videos to get more leads?

  • Second most popular search engine(also owned by Google)
  • 53 times easier to rank YouTube videos than articles
  • Far greater user engagement than boring text
  • Ability to interact with your viewers using external annotations

Here are the 7 steps to generate leads using YouTube videos

1. Target the right audience

If you create a video on dog training and use it to market local dentists you’d be making a big mistake. Instead create a video that points out one the the biggest problems of your target audience (ie toothache) then illustrate how your would solve the problem (ie repair the tooth causing the pain)

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How To Identify Your Target Audience

2. Create a short attention-getting video

Create a 2-3 minute video that tells viewers who you are, what benefits you provide and how to get in touch with you then upload it to YouTube.

Optimize your video by including your keyword phrase in the title, description and tags. Add a transcription of your content in the description below your video. Insert the URL of your landing page to the beginning of your description (after your title).

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How To Optimize Your Title, Description and Tags
How To Create A YouTube Interactive Transcript

3. Add a strong call to action

Use external annotations so viewers can click on the link or image in the video which redirects them to your landing page.

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How To Link Your Video To An External Website

4. Create an effective opt-in squeeze page

Your squeeze page should outline the main benefits your viewers will receive in exchange for their name and email address.

Click here to view my squeeze page

5. Follow-up with a series of email messages

Use an email autoresponder service such as Aweber to automatically send out follow-up emails to new subscribers. Promote your product or service within the follow-up messages.

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Review of Aweber Email Autoresponder

6. Promote your YouTube video on social media sites

After uploading your video share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. This will help generate more views by exposing it to a larger audience.

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How To Promote Your YouTube Video For Free

7. Monitor your videos’ performance

If you’re using Aweber as your autoresponder you’ll be able to track how many new leads are being generated from your marketing funnel.The key to success is to constantly make more videos so you can add more leads to your funnel.

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Getting Started with YouTube Analytics

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