How to Write an Effective Sales Letter for Your eBook

If the sales letter of your ebook does not convince the reader to purchase your it you may get discouraged and not write another ebook again. On the other hand you don’t want to spend weeks writing the sales letter of your ebook when you could already be selling it.

Who should write it?

You could hire a professional copywriter or purchase sale letter software to help you write it, but why not do it yourself so you can use this skill multiple times for future projects. You might even offer it as a fee-based service if you get good at it.

Keep this formula in mind when writing your sales letter:

A – Attention – A powerful headline will grab the attention of your visitor
I – Interest – Touch upon points that stimulate curiosity.
D – Detail – Include details about your ebook
A – Action – Provide a call for action

5. Outline benefits

Outline the top benefits of your product and how it will solve their problems. Create a bulleted list so it is easy to read.

6. Build credibility

Get testimonials from people who have read your ebook and weave them into the content on your sales letter. This helps readers to trust your product because others have endorsed it.

7. Include table of contents

Include the main chapters of your ebook so people know what they are getting. You don’t have to include everything (especially if it contains many chapters) but select the ones that would be most beneficial to your audience.

8. Provide proof

If people see practical proven results for using the content in your ebook it help them make a decision to purchase.

9. Make your offer

This is where you mention the price. Create a nice graphical button that says something like “order now”

10. Provide a guarantee

This removes the risk of buying your ebook. Try to make it at least 30 days..the longer the better.

12. Create an urgency to act now

Many people are procrastinators so they won’t act immediately. Create a sense of urgency to “buy your product now” This will help them to make up their minds as they may miss out on the deal.

For example you might say something like

“Pre-launch offer for limited time only”

13. Include bonuses

Bonuses help readers decide buying your ebook because you are over delivering on your offer. Your sales letter should capture your readers attention, stimulate their emotions and prepare them to click the “order now” button.

14. Include a post script message

The post script (P.S) message is to re-emphasize the value of the product.


*Maintain the interest of your reader throughout your sales letter copy by including the main benefits of your product or service.

*Study other sales letters on the Net to improve your own then proof read it several times before it goes live.

*Get suggestions from others how to improve it.

*Improve your sales letter conversions by testing and tracking the results.

Improving your conversions will result in more ebook sales.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
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