HTML to XHTML – create cleaner & leaner web sites

Making the switch from HTML to XHTML is very easy. Once you learn the basics you will start using XHTML in all your future designs.

What is XHTML?

XHTML is a combination of HTML and XML. It looks and works very much like HTML but is based on XML. It therefore brings the benefits of the XML language. This includes having your web pages render well in the browsers of today and the future. XHTML also allows your web pages to work in other applications such as wireless devices, Braille readers and other specialized web environments.

Now is the time to convert your web site(s) from HTML to XHTML so they will not only display well in today’s browsers but be flexible enough to reach a wider audience.

Main changes of XHTML

1. All documents must have a doctype.

2. All tags must be in lower case.

3. All tags must be properly nested.

4. All tags must be closed.

5. All attributes must be quoted.

6. Attributes cannot be shortened.

7. All documents must be properly formed

As you can see, there are not too many components to change when converting from HTML to XHTML. Your web page will have cleaner code and have less browser incompatibility problems.

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