How To Edit Videos On iMovie App Using Your iPhone

If you don’t want to to be tethered to your computer to edit videos, then download the iMovie App on the iPhone. You can combine different video clips, plus add music, add text, add voice overs and even share it on social media sites. And you can do this all from your iPhone.

Here’s how to edit videos using the iMovie App on your iPhone

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  • Tap the imovie we’ve got video, projects and theater
  • Tap video..shows all the videos on my iPhone
  • Tap projects, then tap the plus sign..we can create a movie or trailer
  • Movie says combine videos, photos and music to make your own movie
  • The trailer says follow a template to create a Hollywood style movie trailer
  • So tap movie and we select our palms, butterfly and the boats.
  • It says we have 3 items
  • Tap “create movie”
  • So if we tap + we can add another video, we can add photos
  • Let’s add a selfie, add this selfie
  • You can add audio..tap theme music..tap bright
  • And we can also do a voice over
  • Tap record “this is my wife and I having fun in the sun at the beach”
  • Tap stop. Tap review..”
  • Tap accept
  • As you can see we have got transitions here so we can tap on a transition
  • We’ve got these different transitions down the bottom
  • We’ve got dissolve that’s automatically put there.
  • We can do slide, wipe or fade.
  • If you want to trim the clip put our finger on the yellow line here and just move it
  • This will shorten the clip.
  • If you want to split a clip, we can use the scissors one down the bottom
  • If you want to add text just tap the’ll get a pop-up
  • Tap done
  • To play it we just tap the play button..”this is my wife and I having fun in the sun at the beach”
  • We can trash the video if we don’t want it..just tap the trash sign
  • Tap save video. This will save it to the iphone..
  • Choose HD 1080p
  • Now it’s exporting the movie to the phone
  • And it says “the movie was exported to your photo library
  • Tap itunes and you can share it to itunes also
  • And tap icloud drive to share it to the iCloud
  • Tap the YouTube app then we can sign in and publish it to YouTube
  • Just enter your title, description and tags
  • Tap message..Ok we exported the movie and we can send a message

That’s it!
Now you know how to edit videos just using
the iMovie App on your iPhone

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