Improve Google Rankings: 4 Ways to Get High Quality Links to Your Website

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Want to improve your Google rankings?
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If your website can’t be found in the search engines you’re not going to receive much traffic unless you try other methods. If your website appears on the first page of Google it will receive much more traffic than the second page. The top 3 listings on the first page get far more traffic than listings 4-10. This is because it’s the first screen visitors see without having to scroll down to view listings 4-10. The number of listings displayed will also depend on the size of your computer monitor.

How does adding links to your site improve Google Rankings?

A link to your website counts as a “vote” by the search engines. The more links you have pointing to your site the more votes you receive and your rankings will increase. The quality of the link also helps determine your rankings. For instance a link from (the top free directory on the Net) carries far more authority than a website with few visitors.

How to get high quality links

Instead of investing time and energy getting 100s of links form low quality sites look for sites that receive tons of traffic, have a high page rank, and have been on the Net for several years (longer the better).

High traffic sites
To determine how much traffic a site receives go to For example my web design company site has an Alexa traffic rank of 26,456. It has 287 incoming links and has been online since 2000.

High PageRank (PR)

PageRank is included in Google’s algorithim for ranking websites. It assigns a number to each web page to measure its relative importance. Sites with a high PageRank generally rank higher than sites with a low PageRank. If you install the Google Tool Bar it will display the PageRank of websites with a small green bar. A high PR is 4 and above. For example Google, Facebook and CNN all have a PR of 10.

Domain Age
The age of your domain also determines your rankings. A website that’s been on the Net for 10 years will outrank a site that’s only been online for 1 year.

4 ways to get links from high quality sites

Article directories
If you submit an article (containing a link back to your website) to the top article directories (ie ezinearticles) it will help boost your search engine rankings because it meets all the criteria above.

Search engine directories
If you get your site listed in you’ll see a dramatic increase in rankings. This is because it’s a popular free directory that’s been around many years, has a PR of 8 and gets millions of visitors every day.

Social media
Publish your content on YouTube, Facebook, and your blogs to reach a wide audience that will link back to your website. The more links you receive from other sites the better your rankings.

Link bait
This refers to people naturally linking to content they find valuable. So if it answers their questions or appeals to their desires they’ll want to publish your content on their website or newsletter. This is viral maketing…where you may receive thousands of icoming links form one article.

Create a link building campaign by writing and distributing your content on a consistent basis. Overtime your Google rankings will improve and so will your traffic and sales.

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