4 Best Ways To Increase The Click Through Rate of Your In-Stream Video Ads

  • Do you want to increase the Click Through Rate(CTR)
    of your in-stream video ads?
  • Do you want to reduce your cost per view and save money?

Google recently changed the way that viewers interact with in-stream ads to make them mobile friendly. Google says “we believe these new features will make your video ads more engaging.

Here are 2 things that have changed with the way that viewers
interact with your video ads and what to do about them:

1. New click behavior
Formerly clicking anywhere on the ad would count as a click. Now only clicks to cards, call to actions, the video header, companion banner or link at the bottom left of your video will count as a click.

2. Charge for click or full view
You will now be charged for the full view or the click but not for both.

Here are 4 Ways To Increase The
Click Through Rates of your YouTube Ads

Watch the video below…


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1. Create an annotation
This is a clickable link that you can place anywhere inside your video ad. It enables you to redirect viewers to any website associated with your YouTube account.
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2. Create an Interactive Card
These are clickable links that are mobile-friendly. They appear at the top right of your video ad. When someone clicks on the card they’ll be redirected to your landing page, video or YouTube channel.

3. Create a call-to-action overlay
This is a small banner that you can place at the bottom left of your in-stream video ad. You can redirect viewers to any landing page, video or YouTube channel. Keep in mind that a call-to-action overlay banner will not appear if you use cards. You have to either use one or the other.

4. Create an arrow that points to the
advertising link on your video ad

Create an image of an arrow during the video creation process that points to the advertising link at the bottom left of the video ad. This will help direct viewers where to click instead of clicking anywhere on your video.

That’s it!

Now you know the 4 best ways to improve the click through rates of your in-stream video ads. This will not only improve engagement but you’ll pay less because the clicks are more intentional.

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