Increase Page Rank – Which Search Engine Directories Should I Submit To?

Page Rank is primarily defined as the number of links that point to your site. The number and quality of links determine how quickly your page rank increases. A higher page rank will attract more visitors and potentially increase sales provided you have optimized your site design and have well written web copy.

The best links to get are one way links. These are web sites that link to your site without requiring a link to theirs. Often when you try to exchange links with another site they do not reciprocate immediately or you need to send numerous reminders before they actually do it. This is very time consuming. A better method is to submit to major and specialized search engine directories.

Types of search engine directories

Submitting to directories depends on how much time and money you have to spare. There are free and paid directories. The paid ones will get you listed faster and are often of higher quality than the free ones. However there are many specialized search engine directories which will provide good links if they are targeted to your specific niche.

Free Directories

1. Open Directory Project (ODP)

This is the largest free directory on the Net. It is maintained by human editors however it often takes months or years to get your web site listed here. If you get placed here, your site will also appear in many of the major search engines ie Google, AOL.

How to submit to ODP

To submit, locate the category you want your site to be listed in. Then go to the “suggest URL” link that appears at the top of the category page. Fill out and submit the form. That’s all there is to it!

If your site gets accepted, it should appear within three weeks. If not, resubmit.

To learn how to increase the amount of traffic you can receive, and to learn more about submitting to ODP visit:

2. Specialized Directories

If you have lots of time on your hands submit to all directories related to the subject matter of your web site. If you don’t find enough specialized directories at the url above search Google for the top ranked sites for your main keyword phrase, then do a back link check to find the directories these sites are linked to.

Example 1

– Enter the search phrase “custom t-shirts” in Google

The top 3 sites (out 3, 750 sites) are:

– In Yahoo enter “” (without the
quotes) This will show you all the sites that are linked to

– Search for any directories you can submit your site to or
sites you could exchange links with.

Example 2

The following is a list of searches you can use to find web sites
that might link to your web site that are on-topic and share your same keywords:

“Suggest link” +”keyword”

“Suggest a link” +”keyword”

“Suggest site” + “keyword”

“Suggest a site” + “keyword”

“Suggest URL” +”keyword”

“Suggest a URL” +”keyword”

“Add link” +”keyword”

“Suggest an URL” +”keyword”

“Add a link” +”keyword”

“Add site” +”keyword”

“Add a site” +”keyword”

“Add URL” +”keyword”

“Add a URL” +”keyword”

“Add an URL” +”keyword”

“Submit link” +”keyword”

“Submit a link” +”keyword”

“Submit site” +”keyword”

“Submit a site” +”keyword”

“Submit URL” +”keyword”

“Submit a URL” +”keyword”

“Submit an URL” +”keyword”

“favorite links” +”keyword”

“cool sites” +”keyword”

“cool places” +”keyword”

directory +”keyword”

directorys +”keyword”

directories +”keyword”

“your location” +”add url”

“your location” +directory

“your location” +”submit site”

“recommended links” +”keyword”

“your location” +”suggest a site”

If you continue to do this on a consistent basis your page rank will increase your site will start receiving more visitors.


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