Increase Web Site Traffic by Writing More Articles

Writing a submitting a few articles doesn’t generate a lot of traffic these days. It’s like throwing mud at a wall and hoping it will stick. Of course it’s possible that a publisher will see your article and send it to his list of 10,000 subscribers. To increase the chances of this happening you need to increase the volume of articles written.

How to increase article volume

1. Create an article writing plan

Decide how many articles you will write each week or month then stick to the plan. The key to writing and submitting articles successfully is to do it consistently over an extended period of time. This will generate a continuous flow of visitors to your web site.

2. Create sets of articles based on a theme

Sometimes it’s easier to write several articles if they are based on a common theme. For example if you sell water filters, write several articles on why you need to drink purified water. The subtopics could be:

Benefits of drinking purified water
Types of water filters
7 tips for buying a water filter
How to install a water filter

3. Vary your title and resource box

Create a different title for each article topic. Vary the content, anchor text and links in the resource box. Search engines want to see a variety of links pointing to different pages of your web site, not just the home page.

4. Submit sets of articles

Instead of submitting one article at a time, submit the whole set. Article editors will review and approve a set at a time instead of one at a time. This means you will receive a larger boost in traffic than submitting one article because readers immediately see several articles from the same author on the same theme.

5. Submit to other publishers

Instead of just submitting articles to article directories, find ezine publishers that specialize in publishing your written content. This will help spread your message and gain more visitors.


Create a list of article themes then take massive action. As you increase your article volume, the amount of visitors will increase also.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of Web Design, Web Hosting, SEO


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