Increase YouTube Watch Time – Top 10 Ways

Did you know that YouTube will reward you for
suggesting more videos to watch?

YouTube prioritizes videos which have a longer viewing session over those that receive more clicks. When a viewer spends more time on YouTube by watching more of your videos YouTube will reward your video with better rankings.

If you create videos that people watch well beyond the
first click, those videos will be suggested more often.

Here are 10 ways to increase YouTube watch time:

1. Create great content
Offer a solution to one of the main problems your viewer is struggling with.

2. Tell viewers what to expect
Tell viewers what to expect at the very beginning of your video
so viewers will keep watching your video all the way through.

3. Keep their attention
Utilize video clips, images, annotations to keep the attention
of your viewers throughout your video.

4. Suggest related videos
Create an end card that suggests related videos so viewers
spend more time watching more of your content.

5. Link to a playlist at the end of your video
A playlist is like a table of contents. It displays a list of related videos. If the viewer continues watching more of your videos after watching the first one it will receive a boost in rankings.

6. Track audience retention
Visit YouTube Analytics to view the retention rate of your videos. If you notice viewer’s attention dropping off half way through the video, make the video more interesting.

7. Optimize your thumbnail
Instead of using the default thumbnails YouTube provides, create a customized
thumbnail that makes it stand out in the search engine results.

8. Create a regular release schedule for your videos
I upload a new video every week so people know what to expect.

9. Create a series of videos
If you create a series of videos that follow a specific theme, people will
look forward to watching your next video in the series.

10. Organize the content on your channel
Organize the home page of your channel into sections to make it easy for
viewers to watch the one video after another.

Now you know the top 10 ways to increase YouTube Watch Time.

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