Landing Page Design – 7 Essential Elements

Have you ever got a high click through rate (CTR) using Google AdWords but received no conversions?

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on pay per click advertising especially if your landing page doesn’t convert. Ideally you want your landing page to convert well so you’ll make a profit.

7 Essential Elements for Creating a Profitable Landing Page

1. Have one goal

Your landing page is a sales page what must be focused on one goal…to sell the product or service you are marketing. Don’t waver off topic in your content. You want to keep the visitor on the page and have them click the payment button.

2. Create an attention grabbing headline

This is the first thing a person sees so make sure it captures the reader’s attention. You achieve this by asking a question or making a direct statement. The headline should be a nice graphic at the top of the page that stands out from the rest of the content.

3. Well written copy

Use sub headlines, short paragraphs, bulleted points and create plenty of white space so it’s easy for your visitors to read. Most people just scan the page so their eyes will be attracted to the most prominent features. Your copy helps presell your visitor before they order.

4. Use relevant images

Create graphics or use images that enhance or compliment your content. Don’t use too many graphics as this will cause your page to load slowly and drive impatient visitors away.

5. Include related bonuses

Good bonuses provide the tipping point for people to purchase your product because they receive extra value. The bonuses should relate or compliment your main product. It could be a free download, report, cheat sheet or tutorial on how to use your product.

6. Offer a money-back guarantee

This reassures your customer you stand behind your product. It removes the fear it may not be what they wanted. If your product promises exactly what you specified in your ad you won’t get any or few refunds.

7. Create a call to action

This gets your customer to take action after reading the content on your landing page. Include a prominent order button in several locations on the sales page to make it easy for them to purchase. Use a color that stands out from other colors on the page.

Create an upsell offer during the the purchasing process.(think McDonalds..”do you want fries with that?”) By introducing a similar or complimentary product you increase your profit margin.

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