Landing Page SEO – Top 7 Link Building Tips

link building tips

In my last article I discussed the Top 7 ways to optimize your landing page. This is only one aspect of Landing Page SEO. The other crucial step is link building often called Off Page SEO. Even though your landing page may be highly optimized for the search engines by including keywords throughout the content it won’t gain good rankings if it doesn’t have any incoming links pointing to the page. The number and quality of links will determine how high your website will rank.

Top 7 ways to build links to your landing page

1. E-book directories

If you’re selling an e-book from your landing page submit it to e-book directories. Most directories allow you to write a brief description and include the URL to your landing page.

2. Article directories

The article directories receive millions of visits each day. You can receive some of these visits by submitting articles to them. Rewrite some of the content contained in your e-book and submit your articles to the top directories. Make sure you include your landing page URL in the resource box at the bottom of your article.

3. Video directories

Convert your article to video by reading it in front of a video camera or creating a screen capture of a PowerPoint slide show. Submit your video to multiple video sharing websites. Make sure you include the landing page URL in the meta-tag description as well as in the video itself so visitors will be redirected to your site.

4. Social media

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook enable you to interact with similar people in your niche. Set up accounts on these social media sites then search for communities where people are talking about your subject and interact with them. Include a link to your landing page with every Tweet and Facebook update so people will naturally share your link with others.

5. Blogging

Blogging allows you to easily add content, build links and interact with your audience. Add a blog to the sub directory of your current website or sign up for an account at Blogspot (owned by Google). Every time you create a post weave your main keywords into the content and include a link back to your landing page at the end. Make a schedule to add a new blog post several times a week if possible.

6. Search engine directories

Submit your landing page site to specialized, local and general directories. You can find them by entering “keyword+directory” in the Google search box. Some of the directories will require a fee (e.g. Business dot com, Yahoo Directory), however submit to all the free ones first (e.g. is the largest free directory).

7. Autoresponder marketing

Most people who visit your landing page will not purchase your product the first time they see it. This means they’ll leave and never be seen again unless you capture their contact information. You can achieve this by including a sign-up form on your website and motivate them to sign up by offering a free report. Alternatively you could use a form that pops up when they enter or leave the site. After capturing your visitor’s contact information use your autoresponder to send them a series of follow-up messages at pre-scheduled intervals. This allows you to communicate with them several times and increases the potential for them to purchase your product at a later time.

If you consistently follow the above top 7 ways for building links for Landing Page SEO you’ll receive a steady increase in search engine rankings, traffic and generate more sales.

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