Link Building Strategies Boost Search Engine Rankings

Building links to your web site is one of the most effective strategies for attaining high rankings in the search engines however it can be a long slow process if not done correctly. Search engines determine the popularity of your site by the number and quality of sites that link to yours. The greater the number of incoming links the higher your rankings.

My Top Link Building Strategies

1. Quality content

Web copy that is well written will naturally get other site owners to link to you. This not only sends traffic to your site for the long term but will also generate more sales especially if the copy motivates the visitor to buy the product or service.

Make sure you keep testing the copy on your site until you get the highest response. Changing a few words often generates large results.

2. Write Articles

Writing a compelling and informative article that helps solve someone’s problem generates natural links to your site. An article published in a newsletter that contains thousands of subscribers will outperform a paid ad. An additional benefit of articles is that you can include a link back to your site in the resource box. Producing high quality articles will also help brand yourself as an expert in your field.

For article marketing to be effective, you need to write and submit articles on a continuous basis. This results in increased link popularity for your site and a continuous stream of traffic.

3. Submit to directories

Free Directories

The large directories on the Web get tons of traffic, therefore it makes sense to get your site listed in these. The largest free one is Open Directory ( however it is not easy to get into. It’s a human edited directory that is run by volunteers so often they are far behind. Also many categories may already be filled with web sites related to yours.

Paid Directories

The best paid directories are and Paid directories are valued more by Google than free ones because site owners are spending money to get their site listed. They are also well monitored. If you want a new site to get links from a high ranking web site then this is a fast way to build incoming links.

Specialized Directories

If you have a niche site, seek out directories in your field. Often there are specific directories dedicated to one subject ie T-shirt directories. One specialized directory won’t generate as much traffic as Open Directory, however submitting to a number of them help you a lot.


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