Link Popularity – Types of Links, Their Purpose and How to Get Them

Are you confused about all the different types of links you need to acquire to boost the link popularity of your web site? Let me endeavor to straighten this out by discussing the purpose and definition of each type of link and how to get it.

Purpose of Link Building

Boost search engine rankings
Increase web site traffic
Improve page rank
Quick and deep indexing of web pages
Create multiple entry points to your web site

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Types of Links

1. Non-Reciprocal Links (often called incoming links, backlinks, inbound links, inlinks, inward links)

These are incoming links pointing to your website which do not require a link to be exchanged. The number and quality of incoming links determines the popularity of your web site in the search engines.

A couple of ways to get backlinks is submitting your site to directories or writing articles. You can include a non-reciprocal link in the resource box of your article.

2. Reciprocal Links (also known as “link swaps”, “link exchanges” and “link partners”)

This is when you exchange links with another web site. You both agree to link to each other.
The number and quality of the sites that link to yours determine your rankings. It’s imperative to only exchange links with sites related to your own.

One method to find reciprocal links is to contact site owners by first placing a link to their site on your own site. Mention you have already done this in your email to them and where the link is located, and then ask the site owner to do the same for your site. If they don’t respond after contacting them 3 times, remove their link and look for another.

It can be a slow and laborious process but with persistence it pays off by getting better rankings and increasing your sales.

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