One Way Link Building – Authority Site Benefits

Google determines your search engine rankings by how many links point to your web site. The greater the volume of links the higher your rankings go. Links from authority sites will increase your rankings faster than sites that get little or no traffic.

Benefits of an authority site

1. Receives lots of traffic

Most authority sites have built their traffic over several years with continuous marketing.

2. High page rank(PR)

Google determines the importance of a web page based on the number of links pointing to it. It’s like casting a vote for another page. It’s measured form 0-7 where 0 is the least and 7 the highest. Page rank is not the only factor Google uses to rank pages, however it’s one of the most important ones.

Authority sites generally have a high page rank because of the large number of links pointing to them.

3. High quality content

Content is king on the Internet so if your web site contains content that helps site owners build their business they will want to keep coming back.

4. Fresh content

Search engines love content that is continually updated. This is why blogs rank well. Authority sites are visited often because they have become the “go to” place for new information in their niche.


Research the top 10 web sites in your niche by checking how many backlinks they have. Enter the web site address of the top site at: It will show how many inbound links this site has. Do the same for the other 9 sites. then do your own. Now you have a clearer idea how many links you need to point to your site. Keep in mind there are other factors that influence Google rankings ie quality of links, design structure, clean html code and no broken links.

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  1. good link building tips! really useful post sometimes its hard to know where to start with generating links

  2. Thank you for posting this article.

    Quick question; how many back-links per week or per month is considered Google friendly?

    Pham Tin An Ninh

  3. Hi Pham,

    I don’t obsess with the numbers but DO make sure I vary the title, descriptions, resource box, anchor text and resource box..particularly if your submitting to 100s of directories.

  4. Hi,
    Your blog is very nice. I found some valuable tips for getting back links. I want to know that what did you mean by authority sites and how can i get back links from them ? is it by only reciprocal link exchange request?

  5. Hi seo company,

    An authoratative site is generally the most popular one in its niche, it’s the “go to” site that dominates the search engines for it’s field.

    Here’s a couple of ideas to get backlinks from authority sites:

    *request a link by offering a high quality article, software or pay for a link.

    *become a guest blogger or writer by offering content that will only get published on their site.

    Authority sites won’t usually link to new sites unless your site strongly compliments it.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Thank you! I’ve used both this tutorial and the one you featured regarding the One Way Link Building blog posts with success. You rock. 🙂

  7. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. While comparing one way and two way link building one way is better than two way link building.

  9. Website authority is vital today. The recent conomic conditions is a perfect example of how websit authority building can help. Businesses with high authority websites have continued to do well inspite of recession.

  10. You just stole my words, brotha!!!

  11. Your RSS feed not work in my browser (google chrome) how can I repair it?

  12. Thanks for the great info.

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