Online Business Ideas – Information Products

2. How to create and sell information products

You can sell someone else’s products (affiliate programs) or create your own information product. Creating your own product is better because you’re not just receiving a commission. Instead you receive the full price of the product.

Types of information products

The easiest info-products to create and sell are ebooks or short reports. A large ebook may take months to write however a short report of approximately 20 pages will only take a few days. If you sell the report for $7-$10 people would have less resistance purchasing it than if you were selling a large ebook for $97.00

Benefits of creating an ebook or report

Easy to create

You can write your ebook or report then save it as a PDF file in Open Office(openoffice.og) The PDF file can be downloaded by visitors after they make the payment from the sales page of your web site.

Low cost

Your only cost is a web site and a web host to get it online. Once this is set up you can sell your ebook/report 24 hours a day automatically hands-free.

Recruit affiliates

You can increase your ebook sales by offering affiliates a 50% commission for every ebook they sell.

Allow reprint rights

Charge a fee for people that have the complete reprint rights to your ebook. They place there own affiliate links in the ebook and sell it for the same price to others.

For more information on how to create and market your ebook please visit: Article Marketing Strategies.

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