Optimizing Title Tags – Top 10 Strategies (6-10)

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6. Don’t place your company name at the beginning

When surfing the web you’ll notice many sites place their company name or web site address at the beginning of the title tag. You’ll probably rank No 1 for that term however it does not help your rankings. Place your best keywords or keyword phrases at the beginning followed by your company name. ie

dog grooming and training – Dog Care Inc.

7. Use a divider

Use spaces, dashes (-) or bars (|) to separate your keyword phrase from your company name. This will help you to rank your page for both phrases.

8. Repeat the keywords in your headline and content

The header tag (h1) is often used for the first headline on your web page. Include the same keywords in the headline as your title tag.

Your content should reflect the keywords you chose for your title tag. Be sure to sprinkle them throughout your web copy. This tells the search engines the theme of your site and rank it accordingly.

9. Don’t use the same title tags for all web pages

Create unique title tags for each web page by using different keywords for each title tag. Then use these keywords in the content on your web page.

10. Write for your visitors

Keep your web site visitors in mind when writing. Create attractive and descriptive titles. Your description tag and web copy should expand on the contents of your title tag.


Title tags are crucial in attaining high search engine rankings. Take time to craft a short, concise and attractive description for each of your web pages. Most of your competitors have not read these top 10 strategies so your site has the potential to outrank them.

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