3 Ways To Transcribe Your YouTube Video Into Text (FREE & PAID)

Transcribe video

Yesterday I was sitting in a coffee shop watching a YouTube video, but couldn’t hear what the video was saying because the noise around me drowned out the sound of the video. If the video contained subtitles or closed captions, I’d be able to read the closed captions while watching the video. In the video […]

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How To Make, Upload & Schedule Animated GIF For YouTube Community Tab (Desktop or Mobile)

Recently I was thinking, how can I make a deeper connection with my viewers and interact with them without uploading a new video.  If you have 500 subscribers, you can access the community tab and post an image, image poll, text, poll, or video. In the video below, I’m going to show you how to upload […]

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5 Ways To Start Your YouTube Video (INCREASE WATCH TIME)

how to start a youtube video

Yesterday, I was sitting at a bench by the lake, looking  at the audience retention graph on my phone for a video that showed 84% of viewers are still watching at the 30 second mark, which is above typical. In the video below, you’ll learn 5 highly effective ways to start your YouTube video so you […]

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DO THIS TRICK To Keep Them Watching Your Videos (Get More Views)

audience retention

Do you get the dreaded hockey stick effect on your audience retention graph in the first few seconds of your video? If so, this means most of your audience is not watching the rest of video, so your channel growth will suffer. Notice I asked a question at the beginning of this video, so it […]

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Is CONSISTENCY Enough To Grow A YOUTUBE Channel?

be consistent

I started my YouTube channel in 2006 and achieved 100,000 subscribers 16 years later due to consistency. If you want to achieve a 100K subscribers faster, it’s not enough to be consistent. In this video, you’ll discover my 7 secret strategies to grow your YouTube channel faster. Click here to Get My New Video Course“SECRETS […]

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5 Reasons To Choose A YouTube Handle (#5 Might Surprise You)

youtube handles

Why on Earth are YouTube handles, where do they appear on YouTube, How can you choose the right one for your channel and how can you use them? Stay tuned throughout this video to find out the answers. Click here to Get My New Video Course“SECRETS TO AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT” You’ll discover how to hook your viewers’ […]

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How To Make A YouTube Short On Your PC (QUICKLY & EASILY)

make a short

“I don’t own a phone. My phone doesn’t have a shorts camera app. I prefer to make all videos on my computer because it has a live screen.“ In the video below, you’ll learn how to make a YouTube short on your PC, so you won’t have to use a phone. You’ll also learn how […]

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Improve Your YouTube Search Rankings With These 10 Tips 

rank #1 on youtube

Do you want to increase your impact income and grow your channel fast? This video currently ranks number one in YouTube search for “How To Easily Translate YouTube Comments To English On Mobile”. It also ranks number one on Google search with same title out of 103 million results and displays a large thumbnail at […]

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10 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Youtube!

if only i knew

What should my channel be about? What gear should I use? How can I grow faster? What should I focus on? Watch the video below to the end for 10 tips I wish I knew before starting YouTube channel, so you can build an audience, make an impact, and generate revenue from YouTube channel. Click […]

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How Hard Is It To Get 100k Subscribers On YouTube?

never give up

Being a content creator on YouTube is hard, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. You’ll experience a wide range of emotions during your YouTube journey. From profound joy when your video goes viral, or you get a comment like this, or you get depressed or burnt out because your channel’s not growing. In the video […]

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