12 Ways To Keep Viewers Watching Your Entire YouTube Video (get recommended)

audience retention

How do you keep people watching your entire video when most viewers have the attention span of a mosquito and are easily distracted? In the video below, you’ll discover 12 secrets to increase engagement on YouTube videos so they’ll be recommended on other people’s watch pages. Click here my video course “Secrets to increase audience […]

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5 Uses for the NEW RESEARCH TAB On YouTube (without ever leaving YouTube)

youtube research tab

Do you ever struggle to come up with new content ideas for future YouTube videos? Don’t worry because now you can using the new research tab in YouTube analytics to explore what your viewers are searching for on YouTube without even leaving YouTube. In the video below, I’m going to show you 5 uses for […]

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5 Ways To Use Shorts To Grow YouTube Channel


YouTube Shorts get 6.5 billion views per day and is a great way to grow your YouTube channel because they attract new views and subscribers. For example, this Shorts video got over 21,500 views and 85 subscribers since it was published. This Shorts video got over 10,000 new views and 60 new subscribers since it […]

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Super Thanks Explained In 5 mins (Earn More On YouTube)

super thanks

Heather was watching one of my videos and really loved the content, so she clicked on the THANKS icon below my video and donated $2. Thanks, Heather. I really appreciate it. In the video below, you’ll learn how Super Thanks works, who is eligible, how to view and manage Super Thanks comments, how to check […]

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5 Ways To IMMEDIATELY Boost Views On YouTube

boost youtube views

Do you currently have videos on your YouTube channel that no longer attract views, so your channel is stalled or only growing slowly? In the video below, I’ll show you 5 ways to immediately boost the views for videos you’ve already published on YouTube so you can grow your channel fast. CLICK HERE TO GET […]

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10 Title Tweaks To Get More Views On YouTube

youtube title hacks

99% of YouTube titles suck! You only have a few seconds to convince someone to click and watch a video after reading your title. If they don’t watch a video, you won’t get any views. By the end of this video, you’ll know 10 title tweaks to get more views on YouTube videos. CLICK HERE […]

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How To Trigger The Home Algorithm On YouTube (GET MORE VIEWS)

home screen

My top traffic source for newly uploaded videos on YouTube comes from the home screen or browse features. In the video below, I’ll show you how the Home algorithm works, what traffic sources are included on the browse features, and how to trigger the Home algorithm and get more views so you can grow your […]

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How To Trim A YouTube Video After Upload (WITHOUT LOSING VIEWS & COMMENTS)

trim youtube video

Have you ever wanted to remove a mistake from a video you’ve already uploaded to YouTube without losing views and comments? In the video below you’ll learn how to trim the beginning, end or middle of an already published video on YouTube using YouTube’s online video editor, and you don’t even have to re-upload it. […]

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5 Ways To LEVEL UP Your YouTube Video By 1%

level up youtube video

Recently, I asked my subscribers, how do you feel about the current growth of the YouTube channel? Here are the results of a survey. – 41% said they were sad or depressed. – 27% said they were happy. 7% said they were surprised. – 25% said they were indifferent. The highest percentage said they were […]

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The Secret To Triggering Google Search With A YouTube Video (Dominate The First Page)

rank on Google Search

This YouTube video triggered Google Search after one year and currently ranks number 1 on Google for how to contact YouTube support in 2022, out of almost 14 billion results, The large thumbnail dominates the first-page of the results, which leads to more views and grows my YouTube channel. CLICK HERE TO GET MY VIDEO […]

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