Podcasting – Convert Your Articles to a Podcast & Gain Massive Traffic Part 3

Part 3

Podcasting is a great alternative medium to the sea of text that most people use to receive information. Not all people all people like to read articles online but would prefer to either hear or view it because they are able to digest it more easily than text.

How to convert your articles to a podcast.

Here are some simple steps to creating your first podcast using the free tools available on the Net. If you want higher quality podcasts you will need to invest in more equipment. These are the basic requirements to get started.



You can use the microphone that’s built into your computer or purchase an external mic from Office Depot or Radio Shack. This will give you better quality sound.


For most podcasters a single piece of software that handles recording and editing is the only application you need. The most popular application used among podcasters is Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net). It is free and available for PC and MAC.

Lame MP3 Encoder

This software enables you to convert audacity files to an MP3 file. An MP3 file is needed to make your podcast.

Google Reader

This enables you to subscribe to text, audio or video RSS feeds.

Create your first podcast

1. Recording

Use the microphone attached to your computer (or the built in one) to record your voice into the Audacity software. You don’t need to do recording at your computer. You can buy a digital recording device from an office superstore e.g., iRiver iFP-890. It records to various MP3 settings you can control, using a built-in microphone or a hand-held or lapel one connected to the line-in jack.

2. Create MP3 file

After you’ve finished recording your podcast, you need to convert it to an MP3 file. To export your podcast from Audacity to an MP3 file, go to file and select “export to MP3” Store the MP3 file in a library folder on your hard drive so it is easy to find.

3. Publish your Podcast

Use the Word Press Blog publishing platform to market your Podcast. You can use the PodPress plugin. It enables you to create feeds, preview your Podcast like it appears it iTunes, Yahoo Podcast and other Podcast directories. It also provides download statistics to monitor how many times your Podcast was downloaded from your web site.

4. Write a post

Use Word Press to write a post about your Podcast. This will attract visitors to listen to it.

5. Subscribe to RSS feeds

RSS (really simple syndication) makes Podcasting a very powerful marketing tool. RSS enables you to deliver audio and video easily and quickly around the Web. RSS content(feeds) can be read using a “feed reader” or an aggregator. (I recommend Google Reader). You can recognize web sites that have feeds by the orange icon. Subscribe to a feed (text, audio, video) by entering the feed’s link in the reader or by clicking the orange icon in your browser. Now you can check all the feeds you subscribed to for new content just by opening up your reader.

6. Burn your feed.

Use Feedburner (http://www.feedburner.com) to burn your feed. Do this by copying and pasting your blog/podcast URL. Feedburner also provides statistics on how many people subscribe to your RSS feeds.

7. Promoting your Podcast.

If you use WordPress it will automatically submit your Podcast to the major podcasting directories. Submit your feed to other podcasting directories also. Other strategies may include writing and submitting articles, newsletters, press releases and leaving comments on forums and blogs.


Podcasting In About An Hour – Training Videos

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  1. I started Podcasting about a year ago and it is more exciting than blogging. I love podcasting maybe because i love music so much and radio programs when i was still a kid.

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