SEO Marketing Tactics to Generate Web Site Traffic

SEO Marketing Tactics
So you’ve built your web site and need to drive traffic to it. Without web traffic your site is dead in the water. No visitors mean no sales. To generate traffic you need to optimize your web pages then build links to them.

SEO Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Web Site

1. Create a list of targeted keywords

Use the Google keyword research tool to generate your list of targeted keywords. Use these keywords to build your search engine rankings.

2. Optimize web pages for long tail keywords

Add content using your long tail keywords first because these are easier to get rankings for. Work on building more pages that are optimized for different but related keywords. Once you’ve achieved top rankings for these keywords move on to more competitive ones.

For example, start with the keywords “chocolate truffles in dallas texas”, “boxed gourmet chocolate truffles in dallas” etc. Google will know that your website is relevant to the topic “chocolate truffles” when you’ve got high rankings for several of these long tail keyword phrases.

Once Google knows your web site is themed for “chocolate truffles” it will be easier to get ranked for more competitive keywords.

3. Get high quality links

When you do a backlink check on your competitors’ sites you may see 1000s of links. It’s not always necessary to have more links than your competitors. You just need higher quality links. These are links from sites that are well established, have a high page rank and receive lots of traffic. These may include article directories, social media, educational, and government sites.

4. Use anchor text

When getting links to your web site use the targeted keyword phrase as the link text (anchor text). It carries more authority that a standard link. Receiving 100s of general links won’t help your rankings as much as a few dozen links from high authority sites.

5. Write and publish articles

All web sites constantly need good content. Get into the practice of writing high quality content that targets your keywords. Add the content to your web site, submit it to top article directories, social media sites, ezine publishers and /or offer it as a guest article on an authority site.

Once you’ve optimized both your web pages and have a good number of high quality inbound links, it will be easy to outrank web sites that only focused on one element.

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  1. I certainly agree with the list that you have published around SEO.

    But, realistically, why would a well established site want to link with a newbie?

    I’ve asked several of these “well established” folks about linking with a new enterprise I have in mind, and “laughing me out of the room” is probably as close to a description of their reaction when I mentioned wanting them to link to me as I am likely to come up with.

    In other words, every well established webmaster I’ve contacted wants people to carry their link, but won’t do it in reverse because they say it drains away their Google ranking.

    In a world like that, even I can’t think of a reason to give a new guy a chance. Can you?


  2. Hi Gaston,

    You are correct, getting links from a well established site to a newbie site is difficult (ie I automatically delete link requests). Instead create unique content and submit it to the top article directories and social media sites. They get millions of visits/day, have a high page rank and are well established. Getting links from these sites will get a new site rapidly indexed and see your rankings increase.

  3. Hi there – sorry for the delay in responding. Two things re pictures – firstly, the blog must have them turned on (I don’t think I do) and secondly you need a gravatar – just go to the gravatar website and it’s easy to do from there 🙂

  4. Its good to see some good people keeping their site up, one of my other favorite sites quit working the other day for no appearant reason.

  5. Hello. Great info. Do you accept guest bloggers?

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