Should Web Site Designers Include Web Marketing For Free?

I often get calls from people asking for free web marketing help. Since I’m a nice guy and like helping others I’ll gladly provide help if time allows. Sometimes the caller will keep calling thinking I provide unlimited free help.

Well, I wish I could work for free but since web site design is my full time occupation I need to pay the bills otherwise my wife would throw me out of the house:-).

Web Design customers often assume extras are included in the design proposal. They often ask me to design another page, create a contact form or include search engine optimization as part of the proposal and expect to get it for free.

I compare this to a contractor replacing your windows on your home. During the replacement period you ask if they can just replace a few more windows for a new room expecting it to be done for free.

Customers need to clarify what they expect to receive from the proposal, then if changes are made a long the way, they should expect to pay more for them.

Web site designers need to also clarify to the customer what is in the web site proposal. If the customer makes additional changes outside the proposal then it should reflect those changes and the price be adjusted accordingly.

Here’s a great article in USA Today illustrating this point titled:

Website designers want searches to work for free


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