Static Blogging Review

Want to build a static web site and keep all the benefits of a Word Press Blog?
Need a content management system that is easy to set-up and maintain?
Do you want to attract lots of web traffic from the search engines?

Word Press is the most popular software used for blogs because they have a one-click installation process, have hundreds of templates to choose from and make adding content a breeze.

What if you want to create a regular web site (not a blog) with Word Press and still retain all Word Press features?

Well, now it can be achieved with static blogging.

What is Static Blogging?

This is a way to convert a Word Press blog to a Static Site by using pages, widgets, and special plugins. There is no need to learn html because Word Press allows you to install themes and add-ons with ease.

Benefits of Static Blogging

1. No need to learn HTML

You just need to upload, drag and drop themes, widgets, plug-ins and content get your site running.

2. Save time and money

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to hire a web designer because you can do it all yourself and still create a professional web site. It will save you time because you have more control over how your site will look and function.

3. Social Networking

Interactive features included in Word Press allow you to get feedback from your visitors. Some of these include RSS Feeds, Tags, Trackbacks,Comments, Pinging and Automatic Internal Linking Structure.

Contents of the Static Blogging Course

Over 4 Hours of video

These video tutorials provide step by step procedures to get your site up and running even if you are a beginner. You will also receive a PDF file to read should you prefer something in writing plus suggested plugins and themes.

Table Of Contents (video and PDF files)


Chapter 1 – Beginner Basics

Domain Registration

Chapter 2 – New WordPress Users

Manual Installation
Fantastico Installation
Themes, Plugins, and Widgets


Chapter 3 – New Site Maintenance

Upload and Activate
Clear Demos
Setup Options

Chapter 4 – Customize The Look Of Your Site

The Tigerator
Add Your Own Header
Remove Header Text

Chapter 5 – The Content

Add Main Pages
Add Additional Pages
Customize Sidebars
Adding A ‘Blog’
Chapter 6 – Interaction and Monetization
Silo Navigation
Affiliate Promotions
Adding An Autoresponder


Plugin and Developers List

Testimonial of Static Blogging Course

I’ve been a professional web site designer since 2000 and have been looking for a course that can supplements what I can offer to my clients.

Many customers are familiar with the popularity and benefits of blogs and would like a static site that does not look like a blog. This enables them to build a professional site that they can easily update themselves.

Other content management systems such as Joomla have a high learning curve especially for beginners or those that are not technically inclined.

I found the static blogging video course easy to follow and the authors helpful, friendly and responsive to my questions.

I will be using the static blogging system to convert all my affiilate sites. I’ll easily be able to add content without uploading and downloading files using FTP plus boost my web traffic.

To receive over 4 hours of video tutorials,
transcripts, plugins, themes and advice please visit:

Static Blogging


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