Syndicate Web Content Using An iFrame

Site owners are always looking of new ways to create fresh content for their sites. This is because fresh content gets spidered by the search engines and also keeps your visitors coming back.

My previous articles discussed how to syndicate your web content using RSS (really simple syndication) or Javascript.

An iFrame is another great method to syndicate your own content.

Definition of an iFrame

This is an inline frame that you can embed within a web page. It’s a window placed inside your web page that can include
content from another web site. The content is actually contained in an external web document.

Benefits of an iFrame for Content Syndication

1. Rotate new content to other web sites

Rotate a new article, joke, news, or image to other web sites.

2. No confimation page needed

Create a feedback form within your iFrame. When visitors submit the form the confirmation page will appear wthing the iFrame. This keeps visitors on the same page instead of receiving a different page for form confirmation.

3. Keep visitors on the same web page

If you don’ want visitors to link out to another site, create an iFrame within your web page. Visitors will then remain on the same page but still be able to access information from the other site within the framed page.

Here’s a real estate site showing this example:


I created an iFrame of the database site (page) so it is contained within the main site. Instead of visitors linking to the database site they remain on the main site.

4. Syndicate your own web content

Provide the iFrame code for visitors to syndicate content from your site to theirs. When you update the content on your site it automatically appears on their site.

5. Increase web site stickiness

Because you keep visitors on your site the visitors remain longer.

6. Increase web site traffic

If you provide the iFrame code for others to syndicate your content to their sites, you spread your content around the web producing a viral effect that will result in an increase in traffic.

7. Easy to implement

You only need to add a few lines of code to your web page to begin syndicating content from other sites.


  1. I’d start with a self hosted WordPress site because you’d only have to spend time later moving the content if you started with a free site. Best way to save money is buy a domain name, get web hosting (I have web hosting plans for as little as $30/yr) and select a free theme. Reply if you need help getting set up.

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