Article Marketing – “He Who Fails to Plan, Plans to Fail”

article marketing fail to planSo you’ve decided to write and publish lots of articles but don’t have a clear plan how to go about it. Without creating a clear plan for writing and marketing your articles it will be difficult to fulfill your objectives.

Before writing your first article ask yourself this question:

What’s the purpose of my articles?

Get more subscribers

If you want to get more subscribers for your newsletter write informative articles that leave the reader wanting to get more information. Include a link to a free report or software in exchange for their email address. Make it clear during the sign up process they’ll be receiving your newsletter.

Build link popularity

If the purpose of your articles is to get incoming links to your web site or blog, include 2 links in your resource box. One will contain anchor text (ie “article marketing” will be a live link to your site), the other will be your full web site address (ie

Article directories also make the article title a live link. This is what appears first in the search engines so make sure you include your main keyword in the title and place it near the beginning.

Get top rankings

If you want your article to appear on the first page of the search engines you need to optimize it correctly. This means researching the keywords people are entering in the search box to find your article or web site, then include those keywords in your article title, content and resource box.

If you want to get top rankings for your web site you need to write multiple optimized articles targeting the keywords contained in your meta tags and web copy. By creating and submitting lots of articles to article directories and ezine publishers you’ll see your rankings increase.

Attract 1000s of visitors

Visitors will naturally gravitate to your articles if they contain information they want, need or desire. The methods mentioned above will attract readers however if you want them to keep coming back your content needs to be compelling. Each article should contain at least one nugget of information they can take action on right away.

If you consistently write unique content your visitors will recognize you as the leading authority on the subject.

Make a goal

After deciding on a clear purpose for writing and publishing articles, make a goal how many articles you intend to write and when they will be completed. Recently I joined the challenge of writing and submitting 100 articles within 100 days. Having a goal helped me to focus my mind on churning out one article per day.

Create a schedule

Decide how many articles you’ll write/submit each month, week and day, what time of the day to write and how many minutes you’ll spend writing and submitting.

Now that you have a clear purpose, goal and plan of action you’ll achieve success in your article marketing efforts.

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Article Writing – How to Write an Article Without Getting Distracted

Have you sat down to write an article only to get so distracted you still don’t have it done by the end of the day?

It leaves you frustrated because article marketing is the life blood of your online business. It attracts visitors, builds backlinks and boosts your web site rankings in the search engines.

Top 7 tips for eliminating article writing distractions

1. Clear your mind

It’s hard to start writing when your mind is cluttered up with thoughts going in all different directions. Close your eyes and visualize a beautiful, peaceful place in your mind. It could be a calm sea, a beautiful garden whatever calms your mind. With a clear mind thoughts will flow a lot easier.

2. Choose the most creative time of the day

This is different for each person. The morning is the most creative time for me before I delve into all the tasks for the day. If I leave my article writing for later saying “I’ll do it after I get all these tasks done”, it never gets done. If you haven’t discovered your optimal time to write try writing at different times of the day or night to see what time is the most productive.

3. Clear your desk

Have you heard the phrase “out of sight out of mind?” A cluttered desk makes it difficult to concentrate because it grabs your attention. It you clear your desk of clutter it will help you to focus your mind on the task at hand.

4. Turn off alerts

This means turning off your cell phone, email notifications or any other device that makes a noise and grab your attention. When you answer a client’s call or instantly respond to an email it interrupts the flow of your thoughts and may take 10-15 minutes to refocus your thoughts again.

5. Write from an different location

If you find it difficult to write from your home office, try another room in the house, sit outside or go to an internet cafe. When I go to an internet cafe it enables me to focus on one thing only…writing the article.

6. Handwrite your article

I wrote a whole article on a piece of paper while waiting in the doctor’s office. There’s something about writing your on a piece of paper that helps you to easily create an article. Try it…you may be pleasantly surprised.

7. Use a timer

Setting a time limit to write your article helps focus your thoughts and attention. You’ll be surprised how much writing can be accomplished in 30 minutes or 1 hour. I simply write the start time on a piece of paper then start writing. Starting is the hardest part but once you get going time goes by very fast. Another idea is to use an online stop watch such as

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Article Writing Templates – 7 types

EzineArticles Cartoon

The beauty of using templates for writing your articles is that you can quickly and easily put together an article to be submitted for publication. If you can set aside an hour a day to create a uniquely written article you will have 365 new articles in one year.

Besides generating lots of backlinks, boosting search engine rankings, your articles will attract a continuous stream of visitors.

7 Types of Article Writing Templates

1. Benefits

Readers always want to know the benefits of the product they are intending to purchase. Create a list of benefits then write a paragraph on each.

Keyword Research – Benefits of Finding Profitable Keywords

2. Reasons

Buyers need reasons to buy a product. Write down all the reasons why someone should purchase this product from you then offer a clear explanation for each reason.

Article Writing – Top 7 Reasons to Write Short Articles

3. Top 10 Tips

Write down a list of the top 10 tips for your product of service then write a paragraph on each one. Each tip could be further expanded into another article so you end up with 10 articles If you don’t have 10 tips shorten the article to the top 7, top 3 or however many tips you can think of.

Google AdWords – 10 Tips for Creating a Successful AdWords Campaign

4. Comparisons

People like to shop around to compare prices and what value they get for the price they will pay. By writing an article comparing the benefits and/or features of each product you give your potential customer valuable information to make an informed decision.

Open Source CMS – Comparison of 3 Types

5. Advantages and Disadvantages

Consumers not only want to hear all the good news about a product but also learn about the disadvantages. By outlining the pros and cons the reader will have no regrets on their purchasing decision.

Google AdWords – Disadvantages

6. Offer a solution to a problem

People love reading about ways to solve a problem. Introduce the main problem or number of problems the reader has then offer several solutions.

7 Ways to Avoid Google AdWords Double Serving Rule

Example: Article marketing

The problem of not writing articles is that you won’t be adding content to your web site, attain high rankings or get backlinks…all of which contribute to boosting traffic and making more sales.

The main content of your article can illustrate how each of these problems can be solved.

7. Create a checklist

Shoppers make checklists to quickly find the most important items in a grocery store. Use this type of template to create a checklist for your product or service.

The Web Marketing Checklist: 37 Ways to Promote Your Website

Use these 7 article writing templates to create 100s of new articles. If you have any new ideas for other types of article writing templates please include them in the comment box below.


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Article Writing – How to Write Your First Article

Writing lots of articles is the key to building and maintaining a successful online business because the essence is content. Your first article doesn’t have to be perfect but you do have to get it written so you can write successive articles based on that foundation.

7 steps for writing your first article

1. Select a topic

It’s easier to write about a topic you have passion for or know a lot about than selecting one you have no interest in. To help in that process visit your local bookstore to see what captures your interest. Go online to search article directories, magazines, bookstores or visit forums or blogs.

2. Write an attractive headline

The headline is what a person reads first before reading the rest of the article. Use words that grab the reader’s attention e.g. how to, guide to, simple ways to, tips of, do you, are you…etc.

3. Write an introduction

Your introduction should briefly describe what will be contained within the body of the article. It’s intention is to grab the attention of the reader. One way to achieve this is to ask a question or tell a story. The body of your article expands on the introduction.

4. List 7 tips

Create a list of 7 tips on your topic of interest then write several sentences for each tip. Your article only needs to be 300-500 words long. 3 sentences make a paragraph of approximately 60 words. Seven paragraphs gives you 420 words. If you add an introduction and conclusion you will easily create a 500 word article.

5. Write a conclusion

Your conclusion should summarize what the person read. Use different words from the article body and
make sure it’s a natural transition.

6. Call to action

The resource box at the end of your article is where you place your call to action, who you are and a link back to your website. The call to action should directly relate to the content you wrote. Don’t offer a product or service that is unrelated. You want your readers eager to read more of your future articles.

7. Check your spelling and grammar

Misspelled words, omitted periods, commas or bad sentence construction makes your article appear unprofessional. Run the article through a spell checker and get someone else to read through it before submitting it for publication.


Don’t worry about getting your article perfect before publishing. It’s more important to spend your time writing more articles than laboring over one article. If you constantly submit your articles to the top article directories you’ll generate a consistent flow of visitors to your web site.


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Article Writing – 7 Benefits for Creating Sets of Articles

A few years ago I used to receive a ton of traffic from article directories by just writing and submitting one article. Times have changed. You now need to write a lot more articles to receive the same amount of traffic. One way to easily increase your article volume is to write sets of articles.

Benefits for creating sets of articles

1. Generates more content

A series of articles contain more content than a single one, therefore you can submit more articles for publication and attract more visitors.

2. Produce unique content

It’s difficult to rewrite an article you’ve written because you easily get tired of looking at the same content. It’s easier to create one long article on a particular theme, then break it into several shorter articles with unique titles.

3. Quality content

More thought is required to write sets of articles. This means your content will be more in-depth thus providing more value to your readers.

4. Build long-term relationships

It requires many conversations to make a good friend. Deep conversations can shorten the time to develop deep relationships. Writing a series of articles is like having a deep conversation with your reader because you can convey more in-depth information about your topic.

5. Article syndication sites prefer sets of articles

I often look for related articles when I’ve finished reading quality content. If you submit a collection of articles on the same theme or topic readers will recognize you as an authority on this subject.

6. More content to repurpose

Web sites, videos, podcasts, ecourses, teleseminars all require lots of content. Sets of articles provide lots of content you can repurpose into types of media.

7. Develop a better writing style

The more you write the better writer you become. Developing your own unique writing style will make your content stand out from 1000s of other articles many of which are poorly written.

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Article Writing – How to Make Your Article Unique

If you search your topic on a major article directory you’ll probably find thousands of articles written on the same subject.

So why should you write another article?

Let’s look at a real world example. When driving down a typical American City strip, you see a string of restaurants one after the other e.g. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Kentucky etc. Sometimes you find several McDonalds on the same block yet they all do a brisk business. This means there are enough people visiting these places for them to be profitable.

How does this example apply to your own business?

There are millions of people online who visit article directories, blogs, forums etc to read about information they want and desire. Some (not all) will read your specific article.

How to make your article unique

If you want your article to get read it needs to stand out from the rest.Here are some things you can try:

1. Create an article title that captures the interest of your reader.

The title is the first thing a visitor sees. Spend some time crafting a good headline. This will make the person want to read the rest of your content.

2. Be creative in your article summary

Most article directories provide a summary of your article content. Give a brief description what your article will do for them. Don’t just copy and paste the first paragraph of your article. Your reader may be turned off by the repetition.

3. Make it personal

Write as if you are sitting opposite the person reading your article. Don’t use complicated words or corporate language that is impersonal and hard to understand.

4. Offer something free in your resource box

People love to receive free things if you provide something of value. This could be a free report, course or software.

5. Monitor your article statistics

Check how many people actually view your article and click the URL in your resource box. Work on increasing the click through rate by experimenting with different titles, content and resource boxes.


Don’t try to write like other writers but develop your own unique style. Every person has there own way of conveying things. Your writing style will naturally attract readers to your articles. This makes them stand out from thousands of others writing on the same topic.

Article Writing – How to Get Become a Top Author in Ezine Articles

You can attract more visitors to your web site by becoming one of the top authors in an article directory category. When someone wants to find an authority on their subject they can easily see who writes the most articles.

How to find the top authors in the Ezine Articles Directory

Ezine articles is the top article directory on the Net because it receives the most traffic. If you click on any category you can immediately see who the top 30 authors are.

Benefits of becoming a top author

1. Be recognized as an authority on your subject

2. Receive more back links

3. Get more traffic

Traffic is the life blood of your business. If your web site gets little or no traffic you won’t make any sales. Once you become a top author in your niche, more people will want to link and/or publish your articles.

How to become a top author

1. Check how many articles the top authors have written in your niche.

If the top author has 100 articles, make a long term goal to write over 100 articles. If you write 5 articles a week you will reach this number within 20 weeks.

2. Write unique content

If the top author has accumulated 1000s of articles in his category it will be difficult to catch up. Don’t worry…concentrate on creating unique high quality content. Often the quality of content written by top authors is sublime. Read a few of their articles then focus on providing better content. Ezine publishers are always looking for content that provides unique value to their readers.

3. Publish your content in multiple areas

Find other article directories, ezine publishers and magazines in your niche to spread your content far and wide. You never know when someone will pick it up and publish it. This increases your chances of receiving more traffic from one article instead of just relying on one traffic source…ezine articles.

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Article Writing – What’s the Optimum Article Length?

If you place yourself in the shoes of an ezine publisher what is the optimum length you would want for an article to be published in your ezine?

Ideally you prefer an article that contains high quality information that helps the reader’s business. A short article of 250-300 words can do this if it crystallizes a problem and offers a good solution.

Benefits of Writing Short Articles

1. Can be written quickly e.g. 15-20 minutes. You can just identify the main problem of your target market, then offer one solution. This enables you to write several articles in one sitting.

2. Can be rewritten quickly so you can submit a different version to alternative directories.

3. Keep reader’s attention. It’s harder to read content online than offline therefore a short article will get read in it’s entirety whereas a long article may just get scanned.

Cons of Writing Short Articles

1. Not chosen by ezine publishers as often as longer articles. They usually prefer articles over 700 words.

2. Not well written. This is because a short article requires less thought. Sometimes the content is written just to get backlinks or improve search engine rankings . It’s not written for the reader.

Benefits of Writing Long Articles

1. Preferred by most ezine publishers.

2. Carries more weight than short articles.

3. Include more keywords

4. Create an authority article for your blog or web site so it positions you as an expert in your field.

5. Create an ebook or ecourse from these articles.


1. Takes a longer time to write than short articles, therefore it requires more research and deeper thought.

2. Readers may not read or skim the article because it’s too long and they don’t have the patience or time to read it.

3. It’s harder to read a long article on a computer screen.


A long article can be created by combining one or more articles.
Constantly test different article lengths to see which one receives the most visitors.

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7 Simple Steps to Writing an Article

Have you ever stared at a blank computer screen hoping for some inspiring topic to pop into your mind so you can start writing?

This can be very frustrating because it not only wastes your precious time, but prevents you from going forward with other business tasks.

Here are some simple steps to writing an article.

1. Select a topic

Choosing a topic is easy if you know where to look. Visit forums, blogs, article directories, create google alerts. Create a folder of article topics or write them down on paper as they enter your mind. When reading books, add sticky notes to the pages that contain headings of possible topics on the content you’re reading.

2. Write an introductory paragraph

The first paragraph of your article should point out the a specific problem. Describe how bad the problem is by tapping into the emotions of your reader. Make them feel the pain then point out the solutions.

3. Write the main content

The body of your article should contain the main content. Outline several solutions to the problem you described in the introduction by writing a paragraph on each one.

Don’t worry about spelling or grammar as you write. Just focus on writing to keep your creative juices flowing. If you stop and correct each sentence your creative ideas won’t be spontaneous and you’ll struggle with writing the rest of the content.

Write short paragraphs of approximately 5 sentences. If you create create white space between paragraphs and use bullet points it will be easier to read the content.

4. Write a concluding paragraph

This paragraph summarizes the content of your article. Don’t use the same words you used in the body but use synonyms.

5. Create a resource box

This contains a call to action, a little about yourself or your business and a link to your web site. Try to include 2 links…one that contains link text and the other your full web site address.

6. Proof read your article

Don’t just run your article through a spell checker, but read it aloud to yourself or get someone else to read it. If the sentences sound strange, rewrite them until they sound and flow well.

Leave the article for a few hours or a day then read it again. Taking a fresh look at the content helps you to find better ways to write it and have greater impact on your readers.

7. Submit to article directories

Manually submit your article to the top article directories in the correct categories. Don’t submit to thousands of directories using automatic submission software. Search engines don’t spider duplicate content. It’s more important how to submit your article correctly than to blast it to thousands of directories.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
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Article Writing – How to Write Quality Content

The key to successful article writing is to not to write superficially but to spend a more time researching and thinking about your topic and its content. Often times you quickly write an article, only to discover it only got read by a few people.

There is so much junk content on the Net these days it’s no wonder the search engines are constantly refining their algorithms to filter out the junk so searches can be more targeted and return high quality results.

Don’t just write for the search engines

Optimizing your content for the search engines is important however if your content sounds and looks out of place when read you won’t retain your audience. Your main focus should be to write for your readers. A well written article will naturally get picked up and published by people looking for in-depth content.

It will also have a longer life because an authority article carries more weight than a superficial one. It tends to stand out from all the scraped content you see on a lot of sites and blogs. This scraped content has often just been regurgitated by another writer so it appears in a different format.

My Secret Strategy for Writing Quality Content

The biggest challenge I have is to find the time to write a well thought out article. I overcome this by writing the article over a period of days. Depending on how much time I have, I’ll write for 15-30 minutes segments each day until the article is completed. If I have more time and/or my creative thoughts are flowing easily I’ll write more.

Once I’ve finished writing the article, I’ll go back and proof read it to check for spelling mistakes, grammar and perhaps rewrite some sentences to make them read better.


Review the content you’re writing by looking for ways to improve its quality then monitor its effectiveness. If you submit your articles to EzineArticles dot com you can track how many visitors your articles receive. You may be surprised at how many more readers you’ll get and more sales you’ll make.

If you want to attract a continuous stream of NEW visitors to
your website without spending a dime on advertising pick up a copy of
my new ebook”Article Marketing Strategies“…
to receive immediate and long-term traffic to your web site.

Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of Web Design, Web Hosting, SEO