Autoresponder Software: Web-Based, Server-installed or Desktop – Which is Best?

Email marketing is much easier with autoresponder software however how do you decide what type to use for your business? Should you pay the monthly fee for a professional web-based autoresponder service, install a script on your own server or purchase desktop software?

Differences between a web-based autoresponder, desktop or server-installed software

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Autoresponder Pros and Cons

autoresponder pros and cons
What prevents online business owners from using an autoresponder?
What are the main benefits of autoresponders?
Why are they the “must-have” tool for business owners?

If you’re not currently using an autoresponder for your business you’re leaving a lot of money on the table plus you’re not automating a large portion of your online business. After 10 years of marketing online I finally decided to use an autoresponder. Why did it take so long to make a decision. Perhaps you’ll find the answer among the pros and cons listed below.

Autoresponder Pros and Cons

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Autoresponders: The 3 Stages of Following Up On Your Customers

follow up email autoresponders

Have you ever forgotten something (e.g. where you put your keys) then thankfully was reminded by someone where you put them? These days we multi-task so many things that we often lose focus and forget about things that are most important.

Online marketing is affected in the same way. We read about a product we wish to purchase then decide to come back to it later but we never do because other activities captured our attention. Here’s where autoresponders save the day. They enable us to follow up on our customers and make the sale for us without lifting a finger.

The 3 stages of following up on your customers using autoresponders

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How Autoresponders Can Double Your Product Sales


John operates a clothing store online. Recently his sales dropped due a struggling economy. People are being more careful about spending their money. He has a sign up form on his website and manually sends emails to his subscribers whenever he has time and is motivated to do so. It’s a laborious process so it doesn’t get done very often. Therefore his customers only receive emails every so often. He wants to automate his email delivery process so he can double his sales so he invests in autoresponder software.

Definition of Autoresponders

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7 Ways Autoresponders Build Your Business

For the last 10 years I’ve not used autoresponders to help build my business. I’ve often received a series of autoresponder messages after filling in an opt-in form, or from purchasing a product. I’ve listened to teleseminars, bought ebooks and watched videos but never decided to purchase autoresponder software. Maybe you were or are still in the same boat.

ways autoresponders build your business

My 3 main reasons for not using autoresponders included:

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