CSS3 – Kick Your Design Up a Notch

Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 or CSS3 is the next stage CSS. It offers greater design flexibility, faster completion time and easier maintenance. The problem is internet browsers like internet explorer (which most people use) won’t be able to see the new features..yet. This means you’ll need to create extra CSS (ie 2 style sheets) which takes a whole lot more work to implement. Also CSS3 features have not been released so your style sheet will not validate making it difficult to find any errors.

Features of CSS3

* Selectors
* Multi-Column Layout
* Text Effects and Layout
* Paged Media and Generated Content
* First-Letter and First-Line Pseudo-Classes
* Ruby

Here are 5 techniques to immediately implement in your future web designs:

5 CSS3 techniques

Read these 2 articles to look at some of the advantages of CSS3

Take your design to the next level

CSS3 advantages

So should you use CSS3 in your future designs?

If you are a professional web designer you can implement the features to show other designers what’s possible. For regular computer users I would hold off incorporating CSS3 features until the main browsers correctly render your designs otherwise they will look horrific.

Everything you need to know about CSS3

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