Email List Building Benefits – Top 7

Email List Building is one of the most important activities you should do for your online business. Generating traffic from the search engines works well as long as you get high rankings. If Google changes their ranking formula or competing websites outrank your site, sales will dry up. Use several traffic generating strategies to promote your website in case one of the methods no longer work. Once you’ve created a huge subscriber list you won’t have to depend on the search engines or other traffic generating methods to make sales.

Top 7 Benefits of Email List Building

1. Build long term relationships

How often do you purchase a product online immediately? Unless you know exactly what you want or get enticed by the sales letter, you purchase the product later. This gives you time to think about it and make an informed decision instead of buying it spontaneously. When you receive several reminders about the product , it increases the chances of a purchase.

It’s easier to sell to customers who’ve already purchased something than getting new customers. Sending a newsletter to your list on a regular basis reminds customers about your products and/or service.

2. Offer valuable information

Newsletters can be used to offer great articles, product reviews, industry news, introducing new products, run a survey or ask a question.

3. Instant market research

Your email list can be a great source to find out what subscribers are interested in. A quick survey sent to your list will give you instant answers.

4. Offer special promotions

If you’re having a sale on your products you could offer them at a discount only to your subscribers. Treat them like close friends and they will become an invaluable asset to your business.

5. Make money quickly and easily

One email sent to your email list could produce instant sales if it’s a product your subscribers need. For example, you have 5000 subscribers and your product costs $100.00. If only 1% buy you still make $500 profit. That’s pretty good instant money. The larger and more responsive your list the easier it is to make money from it.

6. Get paid subscriptions

Some publishers offer paid subscriptions to their newsletter (e.g. $10.00/month). If you get 5000 subscribers you could make 50,000/month. The key is to offer information that is more valuable than the monthly subscription.

7. Offer advertising

Offer paid ads in your newsletter. A large responsive email list can be a very worthwhile investment for advertisers because they receive instant responses. Advertising can help cover the costs of producing and hosting the newsletter particularly if it’s not hosted on your own server.

You could also contact newsletter publishers to publish your articles in their publication in return for publishing their article in yours.

A small responsive list is better than building a huge list of subscribers that don’t respond. Don’t use spammy methods, or force people to subscribe and always offer a way to unsubscribe. Building a large email list takes time, so be sure to place opt-in subscription forms on all your web pages and offer an incentive (e.g. free report) for them to subscribe.

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